Los Blogs de Tejas – TPA Round-Up

The Texas Progressive Alliance recognizes this weird feeling it has as “hope” as it brings you this week’s roundup.

Offthe Kuff observes that the COVID vaccine rollout is pretty bumpy so far.

SocraticGadfly discussed ways that President Joe Biden could get a de facto federal mask quasi-mandate.

Dos Centavos is proud to unveil DC’sTop 10 Posts of 2020.


And here are some posts of interest from other Texas blogs.

Reform Austin looks ahead to education-related bills in the Legislature.

Jeff Balke describes the clash between neighborhood activists and TxDOT over their I-45 expansion plans.

Texas Monthly excoriates the “COVID Nineteen”.

Heywood Sanders advises the city of San Antonio to give up its delusions.

Michael Conklin studies the question of whether Dan Patrick owes someone a million bucks for his “voter fraud” reward.

Eric Berger and Matt Lanza look back at the year in hurricanes. Finally, for fans of old-school blogging,

Vagabond Scholar presents the Jon Swift Roundup for 2020.

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