Tacho’s Sabado Playlist

It’s been a while, but here are a few new(ish) tunes to add to your playlist for the weekend. It’s traditional, eclectic, and diverse, so, enjoy!

Intocable – Te Voy A Amar – Intocable never ceases to amaze fans with their versatility and diversity in styles. This country-tinged tune and video (which seems to have been recorded at that old airplane hanger at Brooks City Base, SATX) is beautifully-written (by Ricky Munoz and Josue Contreras). Check it out!

Joshua Ray Walker – Sexy After Dark – I read an article about this guy and decided to check out his Americana styled music. Walker, from Dallas, is an excellent songwriter and guitarist who seems to meet the needs of some of their listeners with lyrics that are sometimes too real. Sexy After Dark just speaks to me, along with its big band sound.

Joshua Ray Walker – Canyon – Yes, a two-fer. Walker is already on his third album, but this tune is from an earlier one. It’s a live shot from Dallas. Another tune that reaches into your soul.

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