A Few Statewide Candidates to Watch

There have been a few filings for statewide office recently on the Democratic side which are worth watching.

Jinny Suh for Texas Land Commissioner – With Little Brown One Bush headed for a political collapse in his race for AG, the race for Land Commish is wide open. Jinny Suh announced her intent to run a few months ago. The small business owner, lawyer, scientist, former teacher, and founder of a pro-vaccine group, Immunize Texas, wants to ensure the Permanent School Fund, managed by the TLO, is fully funded and that TLO policies are in place to protect the people of Texas. She is the daughter of Korean immigrants who has experienced various twists and turns throughout her life, but has pushed through–much like most Texans.

Michelle Beckley for Lt. Governor – Considered one of the most liberal state reps in Texas, Beckley’s district was made more republican by the Lege, so she has decided to try to unseat Dan Patrick, along with Mike Collier and Matthew Dowd. Citing her legislative experience, Beckley states that her primary opponents have never won an election, while she has won in a tough to win district. Like most Dems, the issues she is running on are Medicaid expansion, fixing the power grid and fully funding public education. Read more about Beckley here.

Luke Warford for Railroad Commissioner – Warford hopes to unseat Wayne Christian, stating, “because I genuinely think this is one of the most important elected offices in the state and because the current people serving on the commission are only looking out for their interests and the interests of their friends, not the interests of Texans.” The Commission’s lack of action after the big freeze took out the power grid is the main theme. Read more about him here.

Stay connected as Democrats fill these statewide candidate slots.

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