Los Blogs de Tejas – TPA Round-Up

The Texas Progressive Alliance knows exactly how nice or naughty everyone in this week’s roundup is.

Off the Kuff lets you know about the absolutely bonkers primary election that Republican voters in Potter County are fixing to have.

SocraticGadfly offers a few thoughts from up on the Red about 2022 primary filings (and Green and Libertarian convention filings).

Stace gives us his thoughts on some of the 2022 Dem Primary races.


And here are some posts of interest from other Texas blogs.

CultureMap breaks the news of the whiskey being distilled by the folks at Saint Arnold.

Texas Monthly presents the 2022 Bum Steer Award winners.

The Bloggess tells you how to participate in the 12th annual James Garfield Miracle.

Mark Sumner earns “honorary Texan” status for reminding us of the time that Louie Gohmert sued Mike Pence for the crime of obeying the law this past January.

Juanita is not impressed by Ken Paxton’s “vote fraud” efforts.

Will Wilder and Elizabeth Hira show how the Freedom to Vote Act would de-fang Texas’ voter suppression law.

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