Arctic Front Expected This Week

Looks like Texas is expecting a bit of a cold snap this week as an Arctic front makes its way down here starting on Wednesday evening. It’s time to be prepared, especially with the 4Ps: Pets, Plants, Pipes, and People.

As local meteorologist, Jeff Lindner, tells us:

Arctic cold front will arrive Wednesday evening. Very cold conditions expected Thursday-Saturday with lows in the mid 20’s possible for many areas. Wind chills likely 10’s on Thursday.

At this time any winter precipitation is expected to remain N and W of SETX although it could be close Thursday AM around the College Station area. While this will NOT be a repeat of last February, take time Tuesday and Wednesday to prepare the 4 P’s for the cold. Stay tuned for forecasts changes.

One word of advice is not to panic buy at the grocery stores. And, considering shelves have been somewhat empty due to pandemic supply chain issues and lack of production, it’s smart to just buy what you need. Armageddon is not expected, weather-wise, so, let’s not cause one at the grocery stores.

I will definitely stay tuned to all sorts of weather forecasts this week.

For those who live outside of Texas, we’ll forgive the laughter. It’s just that we suck at winter here in Texas and our state government sucks even more.

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