Los Blogs de Tejas – TPA Round-Up

The Texas Progressive Alliance stands with the people of Ukraine as it brings you this week’s roundup.

Off the Kuff isn’t really interested in moving up the date on the Presidential primary in Texas.

SocraticGadfly looks at the several political COVID hacks connected to Judge Mazelle’s mask mandate ruling.

Stace offers some thoughts (on Viernes) regarding Greg Abbott’s political play-calling on the border and at the death chamber.


And here are some posts of interest from other Texas blogs.

The Austin Chronicle reports on the high levels of anxiety and fear than trans kids and their families in Texas are feeling.

CultureMap has found your next dream job.

Your Local Epidemiologist talks ventilation and filtration on airplanes.

The Current brings us the Ray Perryman projection about how much Greg Abbott’s border-truck-inspection stunt cost us.

Juanita remains your source for Alex Jones news.

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