Democratic Majorities: Use ‘Em or Lose ‘Em

As of right now (5/3/22 at 6:30pm), abortion is still legal. And as of this moment, a Democratic majority in DC has failed to codify Roe v Wade.

A Democratic majority has failed to do much of anything because of the 60 votes needed to move and pass legislation that it does not have. But a Democratic majority has also failed to do away with the filibuster to get important legislation passed. A Democratic majority and a Democratic President have failed to be bold.

We can blame those who didn’t vote for Hillary all we want, but at some point in 2020, we came together to elect a Democratic majority to put in place legislation to protect the rights of many after four years of evil (Trump). And Democrats have failed miserably, choosing to practice some weak form of bipartisanship, choosing to waste time on all things Trump and wasting time on trying to save the republican party from itself and failing. Hell, even a photo op trip to Ukraine is a waste when all else goes ignored.

Worse yet is Nancy Pelosi and the DCCC’s hypocrisy of endorsing anti-woman, anti-choice, anti-immigrant, anti-everything Democratic Henry Cuellar when she should be showing leadership in ridding the Party of those who wish to stop progress. Instead, the DCCC takes this latest opportunity to ask for $11 donations that will make it into Cuellar’s pocket.

If you’re in a donating mood, give to Jessica Cisneros right now! And tell Nancy Pelosi to rescind Cuellar’s endorsement, while you’re at it.

Now, people are interested in coalitions when voting rights and immigration rights have gone ignored and left to rot in legislation hell. But those of us who are involved in other issues are still here. We never left the coalition. We don’t need to reminded by single issue people about our coalition because we fight for what’s right. All the time. On the other hand, those who make excuses for the inaction of a Democratic majority ignoring all other issues except their own are exhibiting their desperation while pointing to needing others’ help. But we’re still here.

As David Axelrod stated last night, it’ll be a “good issue” to use for November, as any good, highly-paid consultant would tell us. But all of the issues on which bold action has not been attempted have been used to win elections only to have those leading the Democratic majority place those issues on the back burner in the name of saving Democrats like Manchin, Synema, Cuellar, and others. What’s the use of a Democratic majority when we don’t even use it?

There is a lot of hypocrisy to go around as the rights of many are set to be diminished. Am I mad about Roe v Wade? Hell, I’ve been mad about a lot of things for decades and I’m disappointed and disheartened by the lack of bold Democratic action all around. You should be, too. It’s bold action by Democrats when in office that create more Democratic wins in any given November.

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