DC’s Top 10 Posts of 2022

Well, during a year which saw some activity for myself which then died down as family and self took precedence over the news of the day, I’m still impressed that folks visited the site consistently. Thank you! I’ve compiled the Top 10 posts which received the most views and visits. I’m still surprised that some posts from years past still get a lot of visits, but these are ten I wrote in 2022. Here’s hoping you have a good time reminiscing.

Chou Goes Disingenous With Briones Attack

Judge Lesley Briones Announces for Harris Commish

The 2022 Stace Slate – Dem Primary

JP 1-2 Candidate Victor Lombrana Featured on Univision

43rd Annual Festival Chicano Schedue is Out

QEPD: Harold Cook

Isabel Longoria Resigns As Elections Chief

Race For Precinct 4 Is Almost Over, But…

Ben Chou Files for Harris Commish

Texas Trib: One Last Reunion of La Raza Unida Party

QEPD: Ramsey Muniz

Obviously, the race for Precinct 4 Commish received the most attention on the internets. Thankfully, Chou endorsed Briones after the run-off and Briones and Democrats went on to unseat a bigoted, lazy piece of furniture handily. Democrats will hold a 4-1 majority on the Commish Court because County Judge Lina Hidalgo defeated Fascist Mack, his rich buddies, and their candidate.

It’s been a year, though. I’ll be writing something to sum up my thoughts next week. Stay connected!


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