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From the Pits of Hell…Debbie Riddle’s Same Old Song

Debbie Riddle, the state representative who once compared free public education to the “pits of hell…Russia” is singing (and quite badly) the same old song she’s been singing for the last few sessions of the Texas House of Representatives. Yet, … Continue reading

Thoughts on Viernes…02062015

This Week in Bigotry Anti-Vaxxers are OK; It’s the Illegals who are spreading measles! ~ Apparently, these idiots don’t realize that vaccinations rates are  higher in Latin American (99% in Mexico; 92% in the US) than in the US. But these … Continue reading

Bigot Day at the Capitol

I guess y’all heard that the bigot circus came to the Capitol today. I’m sure this will be one of many, what, with the Muslim community doing some lobbying at the Capitol today, and Planned Parenthood having theirs soon, and Latinos … Continue reading

DC Reacts to Dem Primary

Well, there’s not much to say other than, “We have another round to go?” Let’s just take my reactions one-by-one. US Senate:  With all the mail and cash being tossed about by David Alameel, I expected him to be a … Continue reading

Perez, Lopez Hit The Ground Running

There are a couple of races that this blogger will keep an eye on and both are in the ‘burbs. Educator Amy Perez is running for Texas House District 150 with the intent to end the political career of Debbie … Continue reading

Thoughts On Viernes…04122013

From The Small Penis Minds Caucus… The Guns on Campus bill cleared a Texas House committee yesterday. I’ve got family members and friends who are faculty, administrators, indentured servants (adjunct faculty), custodial staff, and even cops. They’re all against it, including … Continue reading

Foolin’ Folks…Sorta

There haven’t been many good April Fool jokes today. One of our Texas House Dem leaders, State Rep. Trey Martinez Fischer, sent out a good one. “Perry Embraces Medicaid Expansion–Funds for Education.” After all the work that has been put … Continue reading

From the GOP, A Worker Exploitation Immigration Plank

It seems there’s some excitement at what the rightest in the right are calling a Republican “amnesty” for immigrants. What the GOP calls a “market-based approach” is actually George W. Bush’s immigration plan they slammed down back in 2006–an all … Continue reading

Immigration: Responding to a Federal Issue Locally

Note:  Apologies for the delay on this one. But since there’s still been some discussion, I thought I’d add my own take. At the last Harris County Democratic Party CEC meeting, precinct chairs approved, without contention, a resolution which laid … Continue reading

Racism: A Cost Savings Method?

That’s right. Anti-Latino Texas State Rep. Leo Berman introduced an English-only bill which he calls a cost-saving method for the state budget. Stating that the state would save millions of dollars if state documents were only printed in English, Berman … Continue reading