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HD134: Ann Johnson on Health Care

This morning I awoke to an ad attacking HD134 candidate Ann Johnson for Obamacare. The right-wing opponent said “Obamacare” a few times, as if that is a negative thing. An hour later, I look on Facebook and find what could count as a strong response from Ann Johnson. Here’s the video:

Mitt’s Got Rosie Problems

Buen Ejemplo – Barack Obama En Spanish

President Barack Obama’s new ad about DREAMers is actually pretty good. The Spanish isn’t forced and he looks comfortable. I like it. And it’s a good message, rather than just your usual “I like-o you people-o mucho” that a Mitt-0 Romney(dez) might give you.

Choice Community to Gather in Support of Ann Johnson (HD-134)

Ann Johnson, the Democratic candidate for Texas House – District 134, is getting solid support from the pro-choice community on Tuesday evening. The Women for Ann Johnson event is being hosted by a long-list of supporters of a woman’s right to choose, including CM Ellen Cohen, former State Rep. Sissy Farenthold, former Commissioner Sylvia Garcia and many more.

Ann Johnson is challenging incumbent Sarah Davis who has recently attempted to re-brand herself as a moderate after building what many call an extremist record during her freshman term in the Texas House. A Facebook page called The Truth About Sarah Davis has been providing details of that voting record, including votes to de-fund Planned Parenthood and family planning programs and a vote to cut $5.4 billion from public schools.

Davis’ dismal record includes voting to cut Medicaid to the point where residents at local nursing homes would have been evicted. Frankly, that’s something that would affect my mom and many other moms and grandmas. It is obvious that Davis should be replaced by voters.

Ann Johnson is an accomplished attorney, adjunct professor of law, and a former prosecutor with the best interests of Texans in mind. Ann is running on forward-thinking ideas–education, access to health care, and economic opportunities–which would serve as a foundation to a sustainable future. She deserves the support of HD-134, and Tuesday’s event is one way to help her campaign.

The race in HD-134 is a district targeted by Democrats for re-taking, along with HD-144, which is being sought by Mary Ann Perez. Whether you reside in these districts or not, these candidates need your support.

Candidate for Texas State Representative, District 134
& The Right Choice for the Choice Community

Tuesday, October 9th
6:00 – 8:00 p.m

The Eighteenth Cocktail Bar
2511 Bissonnet Street (near Kirby)
Houston, TX 77005
(Complimentary Valet)

Don’t worry guys, men and women are both welcome!
All ages too.

Suggested donation $100, but not required.

RSVP to or 713-942-5816
To contribute online go to

Event Reminder – Julia Maldonado for Justice Fundraiser

Kuff Interviews HD-127’s Cody Pogue

My good friend and former neighbor in NE Harris County, Cody Pogue has been hard at work running for Texas House District 127. Knocking on doors, making phone calls, and opening a headquarters, Pogue has committed to a truly grassroots campaign.

My colleague Kuff interviewed Pogue and it is a pretty good interview in which he lays out his stances on issues, such as education funding, health care, Immigration and the like. Give it a listen.

Event: GOLDEN Dinner and Tejano Dance – September 14

September is Childhood Cancer Awareness Month. 

GOLDEN: Giving Others Life to Dream Every Night Dinner & Tejano Dance is a Go Gold initiative organized by a group of individuals concerned about the awareness of childhood cancers in the Latino community.

All proceeds raised from ticket sales will go directly to the American Childhood Cancer Organization (ACCO). whose mission is to address the needs of families through programs that emphasize information, advocacy, awareness, and research.   ACCO provides:

  • Free Kits to families affected by childhood cancers in Spanish & English.  Kits include books and videos to help family members cope with cancer.
  • Funds for child cancer research
  • Literature about chldhood cancers

Your contribution will help fund ACCO initiatives.   $15 will put one of the many available books in the hands of a child with cancer, $25 will give a book to the child’s teacher, and $100 will give a full set of materials to a family in need of them.  More information about materials can be found at

Local organizations that provide resources to families and childen affected by childhood cancers will be present to share resources and promote volunteer oppurtunities.

Go Gold and join us for this very worthy cause:  “because kids can’t fight cancer alone.”

BBQ Dinner & Resource Expo   6pm-7:30 pm

Tejano Dance                                7:30 pm-11pm


Be prepared to dance the night away to the best Tejano hits.  Cash bar will be available.

The suport of the following organizations is greatly appreciated:

Camp Innovation


Latinos. Engaged. United. Voting

Mia’s Closet

National Hispanic Professional Organization

St. Patrick’s Catholic Church

Harris County Latinos on the Ballot

Someone asked me about the Latino line-up on the 2012 ballot, so, I figured I’d make a post with a list of them–at least from the Democratic side of things. So, here we go (incumbents in bold):

Mario V. Gallegos, Jr. – Texas Senate District 6

Armando Walle – Texas House, District 140

Ana Hernandez-Luna – Texas House, District 143

Mary Ann Perez – Texas House, District 144

Carol Alvarado – Texas House, District 145

Jessica Farrar – Texas House, District 148

Julia Maldonado – 14th Court of Appeals, Place 8

Michael Gomez – Judge, 129th District

Josefina Rendon – Judge, 165th District

Ruben Guerrero – Judge, 174th District

David L. Mendoza – Judge, 178th District

Adrian Garcia  – Sheriff

Jo Ann Delgado – JP Pct 2 – 1

Richard Vara – JP Pct 6 – 1

Chris Diaz – Constable Pct 2

Victor Trevino – Constable Pct 6

Silvia Mintz – County School Trustee Pos 4, Pct 3

And if anyone else asks about other political parties, I will say there are four Spanish-surnames on the “right-wing” of the ballot. And if I counted correctly, there are also three running “green.”

This answers questions from a few readers regarding the number of Latinos on the ballot. Enjoy!

Fort Bend Dems Open Their HQ

I spent my Saturday afternoon in Stafford, TX, home of the Fort Bend Democrats’ headquarters. Located at 4103 South Main, it is hard to miss the building right off of the highway–especially with all of the Democratic signage. And there’s no doubt that walking into the HQ will provide you with a good dose of Democratic energy–so much, that you will volunteer your time!

My favorite part of the HQ was the well-stocked Dem store with a variety of t-shirts and Democratic stuff to take home–and to wear at events, blockwalks, and parades.

Thanks to Fort Bend Democratic Party Chairman Stephen Brown and his crew for putting on a very well-attended (and well-organized) event. Here are a few pics:

Michael Ellison for Sheriff, Barbara Gardner for 14th Court-Pl. 3, Natalia Cokinos Oakes for 1st Court of Appeals, Fredericka Petry for 387th District Court, Chairman Stephen Brown, and Julia Maldonado for 14th Court, Pl. 8.

State Rep. Ron Reynolds, Fort Bend Cty. Commissioner Richard Morrison, Chairman Brown.

Kathy Cheng for 1st Court of Appeals, Pl. 9 with a supporter.

Vy Nguyen for State Rep-Dist. 26, Fredericka Petry for 387th, and Judge Nile Copeland for the 1st Court of Appeals, Pl. 8.

Congressman Al Green with the Reynolds siblings.

One Texas PAC Launches

When I heard about this new One Texas PAC, I figured since some of my favorite legislators were leading the charge that it would definitely be a plus in the development of Latina/o leaders with legislative goals in mind that are good for Texas.

For over a decade, Republicans have refused to lead and instead have chosen bad politics over good policy. We are not building roads, and we are 50th in electric power generation reliability. Despite record droughts and wildfires, they have refused to make smart investments to ensure adequate water supplies for families and businesses that depend on it.

Our resource challenges are no different than the crises we face in both health care and public education. Budget cuts, layoffs and closures have become a substitute for sound judgment, reasoned policy and responsible leadership.  Texas can do better.

It’s time for new leadership and new direction.  It’s time we become One Texas.

You can’t go wrong with a message that deals with the harsh realities that Republicans have dealt our Texas. And as State Rep. Trey Martinez Fischer challenges his colleagues  to pony up some support for the PAC, matching it with $50,000 of his own campaign funds, there’s no telling how far and how long this PAC can go. The key to our legislative future is a long-term commitment to something like this at the state level.

And unlike traditional political action committees, One Texas will participate in voter engagement and play a pivotal role on matters of public policy, demography and mobilizing Texas’ largest demographic.  One Texas is uniquely positioned to impact public policy accountability in Austin to voter sentiment throughout the state.

Of course, locally, organizations like Latinos. Engaged. United. Voting. are also doing their part to engage Latinos in the process using non-traditional tactics. There’s a lot of work to be done and we need all hands on deck for November and beyond.

Here’s a video from One Texas PAC:

DC will definitely be following OneTexas.