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The May 24 Run-Off is Set

donkey-fightThe Harris County Democratic Party recently had a drawing for ballot positions for the May 24th run-off. We’ve got more than a few races in which to choose those candidates we want on the November ballot. With a couple of months until the run-off, here’s your chance to study the candidates. I’m not sure if there’ll be another chance to record the candidates as I did in the first round, but I’ll try to get some video material from some of my favorite candidates in the near future.

Here are the candidates for the Run-Off that I’m watching:

Railroad Commissioner:  Grady Yarbrough, Cody Garrett

State Board of Ed. – 6:  Jasmine L. Jenkins, Dakota Carter

Judge, 11th District:  Kristen Hawkins, Rabeea Collier

Judge, 61st District:  Julie Countiss, Fredericka Phillips

Judge, 215th District:  Elaine Palmer, JoAnn Storey

Sheriff:  Ed Gonzalez, Jerome Moore

The NIMBY Races that I’m watching include:

JP 1-1:  Eric William Carter, Tanya Makany-Rivera

Constable Pct. 2:  Christopher Diaz, George Goffney, Jr.

Those in bold, I’ve decided on; however, the rest were races in which I was off the mark in my previous nods, so, I’m hoping to learn more about the candidates before deciding. Will things take a turn for the negative? Will there be attacks? Will it just be a regular run-off where voters vote by slate card??? Stay tuned!



Chron Endorses Wu in HD-137

And DosCentavos agrees wholeheartedly with the Chron.

District 137: Gene Wu

When the federal government announced that it would start resettling Syrian refugees in Texas, Gov. Greg Abbott looked at the fleeing families and saw a dangerous threat. State Rep. Gene Wu saw his next constituents. His southwest Houston district of Gulfton and Sharpstown might as well be the Ellis Island of Houston, serving as home to the waves of immigrants that come to our nation in search of freedom and safety. Burmese, Afghani, Iraqi, Syrian, Lebanese, Libyans – Wu can tick off the timeline of new arrivals over the past several years. He knows who they are and knows he’ll be there to help. In the Legislature, he worked to pass an important bill that protected children who were victims of human trafficking, directing them to Child Protective Services instead of jail. And as a former Harris County prosecutor, he’s an important figure in the criminal justice debates in Austin.

I have nothing but respect for my State Rep. Gene Wu. He has represented us well and deserves another term–several more, if he wants them–in Austin. Along with his hard work, he has a great and responsive staff that is always available to help constituents when needed. The political reality for Democrats in Austin is bleak at times, so, we need Gene Wu there to not only get results for us, but to stand up for what is right.

Early voting begins on February 16 and goes on until February 26. Democratic Primary Day is March 1.

Houston Politics: The War on Women and Wendy

Rey Guerra and I are back with another podcast of Houston Politics w/ Stace and Rey. In our latest episode, we have our first special guest of 2014, Yvonne Gutierrez, VP Public Affairs at Planned Parenthood Gulf Coast.

Give it a listen as we navigate our way through Planned Parenthood and its services; Planned Parenthood’s work with the Affordable Care Act; The War on Women; the personal and vile attacks on Wendy Davis; and we even touch a bit on the Super Bowl and Richard Sherman.

Here’s the URL:


Stace and Rey Are Back!

Houston Politics with Stace and Rey is back! What is that? It’s a podcast featuring myself and local smart guy and activist, Dr. Rey Guerra. We had a few shows toward the end of 2013, but after I fought off a bad case of laryngitis, we are back and ready to talk…a lot!

So, to get back into practice, we recorded this episode last Thursday.

We cover the latest on immigration reform, the City Council election, and Wendy Davis and the Democrats. I also mention how Lt. Governor candidates are making immigration the issue on which to attack Latinos, and Kuff provides some proof today, so, it is fitting that we talked about this.

If you need to copy and paste, here’s the URL:

The plan is to bring in a VIP on our next episode to discuss Women’s Health, the Affordable Care Act, and probably more on the sexist nature of the Greg Abbott campaign toward Wendy Davis and all women. Stay tuned!


Houston Politics Podcast – Episode 3

Dr. Rey Guerra and I are back with another Houston Politics podcast. We feature our first special guest, Christina Sanders, candidate for City of Houston Council District D.

In this episode, we talk about the Sanders campaign; the Voter ID rules; Wendy Davis announcement and Abbott’s attacks; and the DREAM 30. Plus, we have a little bit of chisme (The Cheez).

So, click here to get to the podcast. And don’t forget to share!


Podcast #2: Houston Politics with Rey and Stace

…or it could be Stace and Rey. We’ll have to do a coin-flip to see who gets top billing, but the good news is that we finally did our 2nd “weekly” podcast on Houston Politics…27 days later.

We have a podcast page here and our latest episode can be found here.

In the mix are discussions on the Wage Theft Ordinance, the latest attacks on Mayor Annise Parker, the big upcoming announcement coming from Wendy Davis and what is to come from 2014 Democrats, and a lot more. We even include some chisme and reports on events.

And to coincide with some of the stuff we mention during the Mayoral race segment, here’s the latest ad from Mayor Annise Parker.

Introducing…Houston Politics–The Podcast Series

A new thing being done by the DC will be this new venture into podcasting. My colleague, friend, and 3rd Centavo contributor Dr. Rey Guerra and I decided to give it a try by talking into my trusty ZOOM H1 Handy Recorder this past weekend.

Along with a little analysis on Senate Bill 744–the immigration bill, we also touch a bit on a few of the City of Houston races. Give it a listen (click that link).

There’s a lot more tweaking to be done in the future, and we may not have covered everything, but when two guys who like to talk a lot are trying to keep things to 30 minutes, well, it can be pretty challenging.

I think my friend Nancy Sims’ post on the Mayoral campaign goes well with what we’re saying, too.