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Rio Grande Valley: Immigration and LGBTQIA+ Organizing


Credit: UWD

Are you interested in learning on how you can get involved with immigration and LGBTQIA+ organizing in the Rio Grande Valley? Join Aquí Estamos for a free comprehensive immigration training! The training will be facilitated by United We Dream, the largest immigrant youth network in the U.S.!

We know that immigration is an issue that deeply impacts the Rio Grande Valley, but finding an LGBTQ safe space to get involved can be difficult. Aquí Estamos is creating this space for LGBTQ persons (and allies, of course) to become knowledgeable on this topic and find the resources they need. Even if you have never worked on immigration before, we encourage you to join us to get started. Here are the event details:

Saturday, February 20th 10:00 a.m. –  4:00 p.m. 
University of Texas Rio Grande Valley
STAC 1.101
1201 W. University Drive
Edinburg, TX 78539
(Click here to campus map)

At the training we will cover:

  • An overview of DACA, Expanded DACA, and DAPA
  • Opportunities for organizers and non-legal volunteers in implementation
  • How to engage participants at info sessions and clinics
  • Unauthorized Practice of Law. How to avoid it, How to report fraud
  • Organizing opportunities in the Rio Grande Valley on LGBTQIA+ and immigration

Other sweet details:

  • We know it’s hard to get around the RGV, so transportation may be available upon request (Email for details.)
  • Breakfast and lunch will be provided
  • Coffee and tea available throughout entire training
  • Did we mention it’s a completely free training?

Don’t miss this opportunity! Space is limited.


Harris Democrats Announce Slate, Contested Primaries

The Harris County Democratic Party sent out their list of filed candidates for the 2014 election. As I mentioned earlier, there will be a few contested primary races–some which were a bit surprising. Here are the contested races:

Congress District 7 – James Cargas, Lissa Squiers
Texas Senate District 15 – John Whitmire, Damian LaCroix
State Rep. #131 – Alma A. Allen,  Azuwuike Okorafor
State Rep. #145 – Carol Alvarado, Susan Delgado
District Judge, 113 – Steven Kirkland, Lori Gray
District Judge, 246 – Julia Maldonado, Sandra Peake
District Judge, 280 – Allecia Linsey Pottinger, Barbara J. Stadler
District Judge, 308 – Bruce Steffler, Jim Evans
District Attorney – Kim Ogg, Lloyd Oliver
County Criminal Court 10 – George Barnstone, John Connoly
JP6-2 – Armando V. Rodriguez, Diana Davila
County Clerk – Ann Harris Bennett, Gayle Young Mitchell
HCDE-7 – Traci Jensen, Lily Leal, Melissa Noriega

Steven Kirkland (113th)  and Julia Maldonado (246th Family) have been working on their signatures and re-introducing themselves to voters since the Summer, unfortunately, some late entries are now challenging them. Kirkland has already been a winner for the Democrats until he was primaried in an ugly race in 2012. Julia Maldonado represented the Democrats in 2012 for the Court of Appeals, earning 47% in the 10-county race, while winning Harris County by over 12,000 votes. Considering there isn’t a lot of LGBT and Latina representation in the District Court part of the ballot, this is quite concerning, but they are committed to putting in the work to win in March.

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Hall For Hall


So, Ben Hall pulled an Elise Chan (SA’s anti-gay ex-councilmember) and stated he would be against a non-discrimination ordinance for the City of Houston. Anyone who’s surprised he would pull the anti-GLBT card to appease the GOP, stand on your head.

Frankly, I’m not surprised. At all. And my friend Kuff, too, who has links to the KUHF interview and other stuff. What is disturbing is that Ben Hall would lie to Democrats about supporting an NDO and then attempt to appease Republicans by saying otherwise. Of course, I’d like to know what organizations and unions that endorsed Hall feel about that, too.

Things aren’t going well for the multi-million dollar candidate, so, he’s taken mostly right-wing stances on issues during early voting. He doesn’t seem to believe in paying his fair share; he doesn’t believe in fair rules for businesses and corporations; and now, he doesn’t seem to believe in basic civil rights. He really is Hall for Hall.

Texpatriot, Texas Leftist, and Coby have more.

It Gets Better ~ A Message from the Texas Lege [VIDEOS}

Here are some positive messages from members of the Texas Lege who are fighting for what’s right and against bullying.

Part I

Part II