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An Inspiring Talk from Justice Sotomayor

Thanks to my sis, I was able to attend the Progressive Forum’s event last night, featuring Associate Justice of the Supreme Court Sonia Sotomayor. I had heard part of her story, I abhorred the attacks on her after “Wise Latina,” and I teared up a little when she was nominated and when she was finally sworn-in. But watching her in person, instead of on TV, made her quite human and very much inspiring.

Life was not easy for Sotomayor. Going through life with an alcoholic father, a busy mother trying to make ends meet, and the challenge of juvenile diabetes, yet, still being able to come through it all with the help of an abuelita, family, and friends, is a story with which most Americans can identify–at the very least, the story of overcoming adversity.

A few highlights:

“Illegal”- Sotomayor is not a fan of calling the undocumented “illegal aliens.” But also stated that when she is asked, “What do you think about immigration?, she is quick to respond, “What do YOU think about it.” A perfect hint for those who expect others to fight their cause. We must all fight for what is right.

“Wise Latina”- Much like when she defended and effectively fended off offended right-wingers for her use of the term, she stated that her use of it came from a sense of pride in her culture, but above all, as a response to having to prove herself as worthy in a world that sees those with browner skin as unworthy. This is definitely something with which many can identify.

Voting – Sotomayor stated that she was content with the recent increase in voting in 2012, stating that the people must decide what they want from their government, rather than just let government happen.

Of course, her talk was all about her autobiography, My Beloved World. She stated that she wanted to write something that was different than most other autobiographies with stories which people can understand and connect. Reading some of her favorite passages, the crowd was quite responsive. Most touching for the Justice, though, was being received with a lengthy standing ovation.

Thanks, again, to the sis. It was great seeing some great friends last night.