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LatinoTalk TV is Back!

Jose Luis Jimenez, Elizabeth Garcia, and Ben Mendez host LatinoTalk TV on the local access channel.  Check out their first show on the topic, Why Latinos Don’t Vote.  (1 Hour)

Special guests include:  Mustafa Tameez, Sheriff Adrian Garcia, and State Rep. Carol Alvarado.

Some interesting commentary to say the least.  Mustafa was most informative, really stating most of the stuff that I state.  Great minds think alike.  Sheriff and Rep. do a great job, too, but I think they were too nice to the Republicans.

As much as this is good for Latinos, I really think the broader audience needs to check it out…and learn something!

Their second show was tonight with the Mayoral race as the main topic.

Link coming soon!

Fall Entertainment is Upon Us!

Whether it’s the stage or the small screen, the Fall entertainment season is upon us.

On the stage, I cannot help but once again boast about one of my favorite actors Benny Briseno.  Benny and the actors at the Long Beach Shakespeare Company just had their opening of their performance of Shakespeare’s Much Ado About Nothing at the Richard Goad Theater.  And the reviews are good!

John Farrell at the Long Beach Press-Telegram states the following:

In this production, directed with consummate skill and delicacy by the company’s co-artistic director, Helen Borgers, the play seems to fill every space in the small Richard Goad Theatre. The walls seem to stretch – the atmosphere is so rich, and hardly a word of the scintillating text is lost.

Credit for that must go first of all to the principals. Benny Briseno is superb as the handsome, witty devil-may-care Benedick, a young lord of Padua, full of himself and his supposed philosophy. Briseno has a powerful, clear voice that delivers every line with authenticity.

Every bit his match is Erica Sims as Beatrice, challenging Benedick, caressing every line, taking every chance for verbal combat but never so involved in the fight that she forgets her duty to the rich language of Shakespeare.

Arts blogger, James Scarbrough at What the Butler Saw, states the following:

Even the morning after seeing William Shakespeare’s “Much Ado About Nothing,” directed by Helen Borgers for the Long Beach Shakespeare Company, the memory of Benny Briseno’s Benedick, a young Lord of Padua love-dueling with Erica Simms’ Beatrice, the niece of Leonato, the governor of Messina, makes me wonder if I was dreaming.

I wish I could go check it out in person, but our North Texas bureau chief will be checking it out soon.

ABC has a new fall comedy that is genuinely American–Modern Family.

Ed O’Neill plays the patriarch with a blended family.  His wife, Gloria (played by actriz Sofia Vergara) and her son Manny are the newest thing in his life providing him some sabor, while his daughter and son have some interesting families of their own.  Julie Bowen (from Boston Legal) leads her “traditional” family through its own exploits, while her brother and partner (played by Jesse Tyler Ferguson and Eric Stonestreet) grow their own little family by adopting a gorgeous Vietnamese baby girl.  Together, they definitely represent a truly modern family.

Favorite Quotes: I Am Joaquin

I Am Joaquin is an epic poem written by Chicano activist Rodolfo “Corky Gonzalez in the 60s, and was produced by Luis Valdez and El Teatro Campesino for video in 1969. The poem speaks to the struggles of Chicanos in their quest for civil rights and equality.  Here’s the video in two parts.

Did You Catch Lalo on CBS News?

Lalo and Stace:  Los Famosos

Lalo and Stace: Los Famosos

That’s right, my camarada Lalo Alcaraz, the creator of La Cucaracha who was banned from the Chron’s print editions, was on national TV showing off his “Sonia” works.  Check it out the story here and the video here.

Damn, the Chron really is ignorant as to how big this guy is.  No clue, no way, no how.

Lalo is selling his “Sonia” works on his website, signed and delivered, so give him an order or two.

Wendy Corona Sues KPRC

DosCentavos had an opinion when it was first found that News Anchor Wendy Corona had been fired from KPRC for “budget purposes.”  Now, Hair Balls reports that Corona is suing KPRC for breach of contract.

According to the lawsuit recently filed in Harris County District Court, Corona signed a four-year contract with KPRC starting in April 2006. The contract allowed the station to fire Corona after the first two years as long as they gave her at least 90 days written notice.

On January 5, a general manager at the station told Corona she had been let go. That same day, the general manager also either wrote or told someone else at KPRC to send out a memo to employees stating that Corona had been fired. Several employees subsequently told other media outlets that Corona had been sacked.

“Essentially she was blindsided,” Corona’s attorney, Jan Fox, tells Hair Balls. “One day she was on the air and the next day she wasn’t, without notice. It’s terrific damage to your public reputation to suddenly be jerked off the air due to circumstances beyond your control.”

Best of luck to Wendy.  She’s a professional in the highest sense of the word and deserved better treatment from KPRC.