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LULAC Sues Sumner and Harris County Over VR Rejections

Apparently, Don Sumner and the Tax Assessor-Collector’s office has been purging v0ters, and, according to LULAC, more Latinos and African Americans than any other demographic group. Read the lawsuit here.

The suit alleges the county has violated the Voting Rights Act, the National Voter Registration Act and the plaintiffs’ Constitutional rights, and claims Sumners’ office has not followed the terms of a 2009 settlement of a previous lawsuit brought against the county’s voter registration processes by the Democratic Party.

The suit also claims minorities were disproportionately impacted by a recent effort by Sumners’ office, at the direction of the Secretary of State, to purge presumed dead voters from the rolls using Social Security Administration data. Sumners has announced he will delay that purge until after the Nov. 6 election.

Obviously, something on which to keep an eye. The County Attorneys office in charge of defending any lawsuit against the County. The County Attorney is a Democrat. This isn’t about Democrat vs Republican, though. It’s about protecting voters.

Michael Li has more.

Buen Ejemplo – Barack Obama En Spanish

President Barack Obama’s new ad about DREAMers is actually pretty good. The Spanish isn’t forced and he looks comfortable. I like it. And it’s a good message, rather than just your usual “I like-o you people-o mucho” that a Mitt-0 Romney(dez) might give you.

Choice Community to Gather in Support of Ann Johnson (HD-134)

Ann Johnson, the Democratic candidate for Texas House – District 134, is getting solid support from the pro-choice community on Tuesday evening. The Women for Ann Johnson event is being hosted by a long-list of supporters of a woman’s right to choose, including CM Ellen Cohen, former State Rep. Sissy Farenthold, former Commissioner Sylvia Garcia and many more.

Ann Johnson is challenging incumbent Sarah Davis who has recently attempted to re-brand herself as a moderate after building what many call an extremist record during her freshman term in the Texas House. A Facebook page called The Truth About Sarah Davis has been providing details of that voting record, including votes to de-fund Planned Parenthood and family planning programs and a vote to cut $5.4 billion from public schools.

Davis’ dismal record includes voting to cut Medicaid to the point where residents at local nursing homes would have been evicted. Frankly, that’s something that would affect my mom and many other moms and grandmas. It is obvious that Davis should be replaced by voters.

Ann Johnson is an accomplished attorney, adjunct professor of law, and a former prosecutor with the best interests of Texans in mind. Ann is running on forward-thinking ideas–education, access to health care, and economic opportunities–which would serve as a foundation to a sustainable future. She deserves the support of HD-134, and Tuesday’s event is one way to help her campaign.

The race in HD-134 is a district targeted by Democrats for re-taking, along with HD-144, which is being sought by Mary Ann Perez. Whether you reside in these districts or not, these candidates need your support.

Candidate for Texas State Representative, District 134
& The Right Choice for the Choice Community

Tuesday, October 9th
6:00 – 8:00 p.m

The Eighteenth Cocktail Bar
2511 Bissonnet Street (near Kirby)
Houston, TX 77005
(Complimentary Valet)

Don’t worry guys, men and women are both welcome!
All ages too.

Suggested donation $100, but not required.

RSVP to or 713-942-5816
To contribute online go to





Thoughts on Debate Numero Uno

What did Mitt win?

My mom would say “el camino pa’ la casa!” In other words, a first class ticket home since one can hardly win an election after one debate.

Sure, Mitt was “aggressive,” which is just a nicer word for asshole horse’s ass. If he treats a fellow American like this, can you imagine what he would do to an ally? A disrespectful leader is hardly something we want kids to look up to, don’t you think? At least that’s what we want from little Iranian kids who might watch an Ahmadinejad speech, right?

Mitt’s behavior basically provided a rise for his base, and perhaps riled up a few undecideds. There’s no doubt Mitt needed to give his base a prod, and staying true to his uncanny ability to tell lies while seeming sincere, well, it looked like he accomplished that much. Of course, the news-heads so hungry for a fight are willing to keep regurgitating the rancid red meat Mitt offers.

There’s just one problem:  Mitt lied through his perfectly capped (and expensive) teeth! Whether it was about Obamacare or the tax giveaway for the wealthy, Mitt lied for most of the debate. Hence, the rancid red meat.

Unfortunately, there are some voters who believe being “Presidential” is the same as being an asshole horse’s ass.

Of course, if any image of a Mitt-tory appeared it was because President Obama and moderator Lehrer helped in that regard. Some say the President was bored, others say he was annoyed. If he needs to be annoyed at anyone it’s at those who prepped him. Otherwise, President Obama needed to show more “ganas” to win. And Lehrer, well, he needs to be done.

And then there are those who say, “wait until the fact-checkers say something.” BIG DEAL! As an elected official friend of mine said, “that’s the President’s job!” Ultimately, this all goes back to President Obama.

From the get-go, it seems the talking heads were talking about “looking presidential,” but Mitt was hardly anything but a guy who has purchased any respect people pretend to give him. He will always be the guy who targeted the 47%–the ones he says refuse to take “personal responsibility.” I would hope that people are not readily willing to forgive how he really feels about them.

What a candidate says during 90 minutes of free advertising after running 18 months on a different narrative should not be the basis of a ballot decision. And neither should an off-night for President who has been busy with a war, a slowly improving economy, and other important Presidential stuff. Yeah, that’s right, he is the President.

Well, we’ve got two more presidential (and one more vice-presidential) debates on the way. Romney will continue with his un-presidential, privileged frat-boy behavior, for sure. President Obama needs to repeal and replace his debate plan.

And don’t get me started on Mitt’s attack on Big Bird and friends.

My friend Harold Cook has a good take on the whole thing.

Has Anyone Asked Mitt About Kobach’s DACA Lawsuit?

It’s funny how the mainstream media (and some migrant “advocates”) take Mitt Romney’s change in stance and run with it without questioning anything, as I did a while ago. Has anyone bothered asking him how he feels about his top immigration advisor’s DACA lawsuit? Or how he feels about a racist organization funding said lawsuit?

Arizona immigration law author and Kansas Secretary of State Kris Kobach is representing 10 immigration agents in a lawsuit filed Thursday against Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano, for policies they say prevent them from doing their job of defending the Constitution.


Numbers USA, a group that advocates for reduction of immigration, is funding the lawsuit on behalf of Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents opposed to current policy. The suit goes after two key Obama policies on immigration:prosecutorial discretion to focus on criminals and repeat offenders, as well as deferred action for undocumented young people.

A simpler question:  How can Mitt Romney be taken seriously?

DACA Support Should Have Been No-Brainer For Romney

Romney had an opportunity to support DACA (Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals) from Day 1 and failed. I wondered why supporting the continuation of DACA wasn’t a no-brainer for Romney and his people. DACA was everything Romney has talked about in his immigration platform:  No citizenship, no benefits, no health care, and a labor force.

So, why did he wait so long to support DACA?

And what does he mean by “full immigration reform plan”? Romney has not given details, other than wanting the opportunity to take advantage a labor force without the opportunity for citizenship or basic rights.

In other words, Romney is basically supporting what the President has already done. The difference will be in immigration reform plans. We know President Obama supports a path to citizenship. What does Romney support?

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LEUV Mixer an Educational Experience

Latinos. Engaged. United. Voting. held a mixer and dinner on Tuesday to discuss  the various referendums on the 2012 ballot. Over 30 community leaders, including educators, school principals and counselors, higher education professionals, public servants and business owners attended and engaged in a lively discussion.

LEUV co-founder, Stace Medellin, provided a “lightning round” overview of the ballot, briefly describing the individual races and bond referendums. Touching on the METRO referendum, Medellin stated that voters have an important choice:  Support the current way of providing 25 cents of every METRO tax dollar to the county and cities in its service area or allow METRO the keep its tax dollar to use as they see fit. All in the room thought it fitting that a METRO train passed by during the presentation. Stace reminded those in attendance that educating themselves and others is of the essence, and that if voters want to find out what is on their ballot, that a great resource is, where a personal sample ballot can be generated.

HISD Trustee Juliet Stipeche gave a powerful presentation on the Houston ISD Bond referendum, which would authorize the investment of $1.89 Billion to build and improve most of HISD’s high schools, improve technology, and other facility improvements. Stipeche gave the background on the need for new facilities, given that the average age of the high schools is 50 years, way above the national average of 42 years. Add to that issues with plumbing, mold, and structural problems and one sees the need for major investment that would put the district back on track and set for the next couple of decades.

During his presentation, Medellin touched on LEUV’s evolving support for the HISD bond. What began with questions over the contracting process and a push for ethics and campaign finance reform for trustees turned into support for the bond once the reform package was passed unanimously in its first reading in September. HISD will bring the ethics reform package up to a final vote at their October meeting.

Community activist Michael Espinoza made a brief presentation on the Houston Community College bond which would authorize the investment of $425 million to build new facilities across all of HCC’s campuses. Espinoza provided background on his own history as an organizer, and found that whether it was janitors, students, immigrant children, or members of a church, that the one issue that seemed to impact these communities was education, and that Houston Community College played a major role in this process. Specifically, the bond would pay for a new health care education and early college facility in the Medical Center, workforce facilities in Stafford and North Shore, and a new campus in West Houston (Westheimer/Eldridge area).

David Cisneros, a recent graduate of Tulane University who recently returned to  Houston, represented Parks by You. Speaking to City of Houston’s Prop B, which would authorize the investment of $166 million to be spent on parks, Cisneros spoke about Houston’s history and interest in providing its residents with green spaces. $100 million of the bond would be invested in uniting the various bayous through the development of green space and parkland. Parks by You is matching that investment, and has raised $20 million, thus far.

The question and answer session allowed those in attendance to truly engage the presenters. One comment made by Trebor Gordon, an announced candidate for City Council At-Large 3, was that he arrived with plenty of questions, but that he felt all of the questions were answered by the presenters. Others asked questions to bring some clarification to the difference between infrastructure investment through bonds and annual budget investment in education and policy-making.

There were also 2012 candidates who attended to do some good ol’ retail politicking, including Diane Trautman for County Trustee-At-Large, Erica Lee for County Trustee, Pct. 1, and Gene Wu for Texas House District 137.

LEUV is committed to developing various events and campaigns in the near future. According to Dr. Rey Guerra, a LEUV Co-Founder, “We are excited about how far we have come in just six months and we know that the best is yet to come, including continuing the Tacos and Votes program during Early Vote weekend in October.”

LEUV would like to thanks all those who showed their support, the candidates who attended, and those who provided a wealth of information on the bonds and the 2012 election. A very special thanks to Julia’s Bistro on Main and Alabama who provided a beautiful venue with the METRO rail as a nice backdrop.

UHD Students Get Ready to Walk to Vote – Nov. 1

From UH-Downtown’s Student Government President Ivan Sanchez:

Houston, TX – In response to student voter turn-out at an all time low, students of the University of Houston-Downtown resolve to empower themselves to get out and vote. UH-D students vow to unite to play a critical role in the November elections as we pledge to walk to vote on November 1st. UH-D students are not your typical student, we are the parents, we are the part time/full time working professionals that go the extra mile to get our education – and we will lead by example our community in demonstrating our philosophy of being politically active.

Who:  University of Houston-Downtown Students & supporters
What: Students will walk to vote and exercise their voice
When:  November 1, 2012
Rally: 1pm-2pm
Walk to vote:  2:00pm
Where:  University of Houston Downtown South Deck to 1001 Preston, 77002 (3 blocks away from UHD)
Guests:  Mayor Annise Parker, UHD President Flores and Council Member Ed Gonzalez=========================================

In 1971 the United States of America ratified the 26th Amendment to the Constitution granting the right to vote to 18-20-year-olds. The 26th Amendment was the fastest to be ratified in U.S. history. Traditionally, young people comprise the smallest voting bloc. As a result, many young people feel as if their voices will never be heard. Some even question whether their vote even matters.

Indisputably, students at the University of Houston—Downtown would gladly beg to differ. Since the beginning of the Fall 2012 semester various student organizations have passionately competed with one another in an effort to see who could register the most voters. To date, we have registered over 1,000 students who will now be eligible to vote in the November elections. In honor of this, the Student Government Association has orchestrated an event to encourage our students to vote and inspire them to let their voices be heard. Join us on November 1st on the UHD’s South Deck from 1:00pm to 2:00pm as we celebrate our achievements and exercise our constitutional right to vote.


The event will proceed as follows:

1:00-1:15 – UHD Greek Steps
1:15-1:25 – UHD Cheerleaders Performance
1:25-1:30 – UHD ROTC Presentation of Colors
1:30-1:35 – UHD President William V. Flores Speaks
1:35-1:40 – Council Member Ed Gonzalez Speaks
1:40-1:55 – Houston Mayor Annise Parker Speaks
1:55-2:00 – UHD SGA President Ivan Sanchez Speaks
2:00 -We march to the Harris County Administration BLDG at 1001 Preston to vote.

I Was Right About Romney’s Audience

Remember I called Mitt Romney’s appearance on Univision, “Romneyvision“? And remember when I said:

Sure, the raucous Sabado Gigante-esque crowd that screamed with every one of Mitt’s comments seemed to challenge my opinion…

Apparently, that funny feeling I got about Romney’s raucous Univision crowd wasn’t my bad knee acting up. It was all a set-up by the Romney campaign. (And not just the spray-tan!)

Mitt Romney packed the audience for a Univision forum earlier this week, BuzzFeed’s McKay Coppins reports, busing in local supporters “after exhausting the few conservative groups on campus.” The campaign threatened to “reschedule” the event if organizers did not allow the “rowdy activists from around southern Florida in order to fill the extra seats at their town hall.”

Even with all of the brown visuals, it doesn’t look like Latinos bought into Romney’s message. If anything, Latinos have an even clearer picture of Romney.

So, yes, Romneyvision was indeed a dud.

So, although I didn’t mind Jorge Ramos and Maria Elena Salinas being tough on President Obama, why on earth did they give Romney a pass, or worse, let him skirt the questions altogether? Did they fear Romney’s crowd?

If Ramos and Salinas want the Latino press to be respected, then they need to get beyond the game show atmosphere that they allowed Romney to create.