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Grim Reminder That COVID-19 Is Still Out There

Like a few other folks from Houston (it seems), I was ecstatic after watching Culiacan, Sinaloa’s own Julio Urias strike out the last batter as the LA Dodgers won the 2020 World Series this week. But my own celebration was tamped down by the revelation that Justin Turner had tested positive for COVID-19 and was taken out of the game in the 8th inning.

How do you get COVID-19 when you’re enveloped by the professional sports bubble? And why, after Turner’s first test was inconclusive (or positive?) was he even allowed on the field, anyway? And, why, after being taken out, was he allowed on the field for the celebration and team photo? The story is he forced himself out there despite efforts to stop him.

Turner’s comment that while he tested positive, yet, that he had no symptoms and felt fine, shows the ignorance that is still rampant in America about COVID-19. You can still spread the disease when you feel fine. Feeling fine isn’t enough. You must quarantine and not get back to your daily duties until you have finally tested negative.

No doubt, most COVID-19 infections have happened because of either carelessness or irresponsible behavior. So, it shouldn’t surprise any of us that a scene of maskless (or masks pulled down) fans celebrating in LA is now making the rounds in the media. In the latest COVID Hunter vid, Dr. Joseph Varon gives us the best reason the numbers are climbing: We are stupid and not following simple steps–wearing masks, distance, wash hands.

Meanwhile, in the real world, COVID-19 is still rampant and on the rise again, especially here in Texas. Yet, schools are open, restaurants are filling up, and people continue to shirk their responsibilities by not wearing masks (or not wearing them correctly) at small and large gatherings.

But, that’s OK. We have a dismal presidential and Texas gubernatorial administration who have set the example by forcing open school, bars, businesses, and encouraging the nonchalant attitude that endangers us all.

Anyway, here’s the latest COVID Hunter video. It’s quite informative regarding mask use, the latest attempts at vaccines and therapeutics.

Los Blogs de Tejas – TPA Round-Up

The Texas Progressive Alliance urges you to vote if you haven’t already as it brings you this week’s roundup.

Off the Kuff tries to make sense of some recent polls that show Joe Biden with a slight lead in Texas.

DosCentavos is worried about COVID-19, so, he posted a good Q&A with COVID hunter, Dr. Varon from UMMC.

Doing his Weird Al Yankovic schtick, SocraticGadfly taps his inner Blue Öyster Cult and offers up the lyrics for “Don’t Fear the Virus.” After all, “Donaldine and Melania ARE together in COVIDity.”


And here are some posts of interest from other Texas blogs. Reform Texas is amused by John Cornyn’s delicate ears.

The Texas Signal notes that we’re still a state that does its damnedest to make it hard to vote.

Paradise in Hell sampled reactions to the last debate.

Jim Henson and Joshua Blank look at how independent voters have shifted away from Republicans in recent Texas elections.

The Texas Living Waters Project tries to imagine what our state would be like without water.

Matt Mohn marvels at the extreme variance in polling preferences of Texas Latinos in this election.

Los Blogs de Tejas – TPA Round-Up

The Texas Progressive Alliance urges you to get out there and vote as it brings you this week’s roundup.

Off the Kuff interviewed Rep. Lizzie Fletcher about her action-packed first term in office.

SocraticGadfly says that at least in his personal experience, Gov. Strangeabbott’s coronavirus safety protocols for events to be held are basically Kabuki theater.

And here are some posts of interest from other Texas blogs.

Michael Arceneaux explores the visceral loathing that older Black folks have for Donald Trump.

Jen Rice categorizes Harris County drive-through voting locations by their fast food counterpart.

Schaefer Edwards looks at a Houston plan to fight flooding and climate change by planting a ton of trees.

Paradise in Hell once again channels Donald Trump.

Ed Espinoza shows how Texas added nearly two million registered voters since 2016.

Have You Watched COVID Hunter?

We see the daily attacks and debate regarding Dr. Fauci. We sometimes see local vaccine authority Dr. Peter Hotez giving us his knowledge about what is to come regarding a vaccine. But have you watched UMMC’s Dr. Joseph Varon on his youtube and facebook Q&A show, COVID Hunter?

As COVID-19 enters a new surge in Fall 2020, these informative shows by Dr. Varon will help us get tips on avoidance, prevention measures, and the latest ways that he and his team at UMMC are treating patients with COVID-19. Further, he pushes away at myths about the pandemic that you may see on social media, or that come out of the mouth of Trump.

I caught his Episode 9, which he offers half in English and half in Spanish. Among the questions answered and expert comments offered were:

  • The 2nd wave of COVID-19 is definitely here and will probably last longer than the first, and even be worst that the first.
  • Varon believes schools should be closed and taught online to prevent community spread. He states that even though half of children may be asymptomatic, they are still able to spread it. If they catch it at school, they will spread it to family members. As families are more and more multigenerational, this could be catastrophic.
  • As far as avoiding COVID-19, the best way is to WEAR A MASK, physically distance from others, and sanitize (wash) your hands. Stay home as much as possible, but if you must be out and about or at work, then mask-up.
  • Other preventative measures include eating healthy, take Vitamins C, D, and Zinc to boost your immune system. And if you are among those who have underlying conditions, maintain your treatment and healthy nutrition.
  • If you do get COVID-19, he states that it must be treated early, rather than waiting for the symptoms to worsen. He added that treatments such as Remdesivir and others work when COVID-19 is in the first week after transmission as the meds try to tamp down the virus. Worsening symptoms, such as inflammation, pneumonia, and blood thickening are treated through other clinical means.
    • If you are wondering about Trump’s outcome, he was treated early, sent to a hospital early, and was given the drugs to tamp down the virus.
  • Finally, he stated that his hospital, United Memorial Medical Center (UMMC) on Tidwell will treat all COVID patients regardless of whether they are insured. But, go early in the symptomology for treatment as one has a better chance at beating this thing in the early stages.

Dr. Varon is one of the most informative docs out there as he is on the front lines treating patients everyday. We need the best information that can be disseminated to the people, rather than hair-pulling debates on the cable news channels. Thanks to Dr. Varon for offering his perspective.

We Are Entering Another COVID-19 Surge

Numbers do not lie. There is an uptick in COVID-19 cases around the country. While Houston was able to get its positivity rate to 5% thanks to a mix of local policy and cooperative residents who social distanced and masked up and stayed home and tested, Trump and Greg Abbott’s race to re-open the country is already starting to turn back any gains that have been made.

As I’ve stated from early on, the people will follow their leaders if it means they are told that there is no threat, and Trump playing down COVID-19 despite his own infection, and Greg Abbott’s re-opening policies are telling people to not worry about COVID-19.

Thus, all one has to look at are photos on social media of people returning to restaurants with increased capacity, nightclubs and concert attendance surging, and family gatherings, weddings, and events on the increase, as well as the daily superspread that occurs with local football/volleyball games and school attendance, and we should not be surprised that we are entering another surge. Add to that the continued irresponsibility of not having a mask mandate at the state and federal level and it is obvious that Republican inaction on COVID-19 isn’t about incompetence, but about indifference regarding your sickness and death.

The big news this morning is that COVID-19 positive individuals on two Houston school campuses have already closed them down after one day back. It has even happened in the smallest towns in South Texas. Students, teachers, and family need consistency, and closing down one day after re-opening because of COVID-19 exposure does not provide that consistency.

We cannot stop idiotic republicans from forcing a re-opening of schools, activities, and business, but we can at least show some effort by requiring masks and physical distancing policies if people feel the need to risk themselves and others. Not suggestions, but actual mandates with consenquences. I don’t want others’ idiocy to be the cause of death for myself or people I love.

Those of us who are being responsible by wearing masks at stores, activities, and even at work should not be put at risk by republican policies of indifference.

And, remember, there is an election going on. VOTE! Mask up, follow the distancing rules, sanitize your hands, and show up to vote. It’s the only way we get leaders responsible enough to do the right thing.

There Are Still Two Weeks of Early Voting To Go!

The first week and weekend of early voting came to a close with over 628,000 voters casting their ballots. Of those, 553,000+ showed up to one of 122 early voting centers around the county. Needless to say, it was cause for excitement with still two more weeks to go in the early voting period.

Unsurprisingly, Greg Abbott and his minions have filed an appeal with the Texas Supreme Court to stop Harris County’s innovative and active drive-thru voting option, which is going on at several locations around the county. The republican’s frivolous lawsuit was already dismissed once. The thing is, it seems to be liked by people across the political spectrum. What’s wrong with making voting accessible, convenient, and secure?

This voting option provides the opportunity to vote in a secure drive-thru, free from the threat of COVID-19. Anyway, Greg Abbott and the republicans will look for all ways in which to stop you from voting. He and his minions really suck! Anyway, the option continues while we wait for a decision.

I haven’t said it enough, Chris Hollins and the folks at Harris County Clerk’s office are doing a great job, not only running the elections, but fighting back against republican voter suppression tactics.

Week two of voting is going on now. Find an early voting location and get it done early. And don’t mind the lines. You can also find your sample ballot here.

Los Blogs de Tejas – TPA

The Texas Progressive Alliance says “Person, woman, man, camera, TV”. Also, “Play ball!”, “Get the federal stormtroopers out of American cities”, and “Here’s this week’s roundup”.

Off the Kuff has (you guessed it) another Presidential poll to dissect.

SocraticGadfly has non-RIP sayonaras for two Dallas notables. First, he waves at faded Dallas media legend Jim Schutze, COVID0-canned by the Dallas Observer a while back. Second, he says don’t let the door hit you on the way out to John Wiley Price elections hack Toni Pippins-Poole.

DosCentavos had another slow week, but he’ll get back on it this week. He did tell us about the the latest 2020 campaign tune by Chicano music legend Johnny Hernandez.


And here are some posts of interest from other Texas blogs.

Amanda Marcotte reminds us that feminists had warned us about the likes of would-be judicial assassin Roy Den Hollander.

Christopher Hooks documents the goat rodeo that was the state Republican Party convention.

Grits for Breakfast outlines the sunset review process for the Texas Commission on Law Enforcement.

Allyn West has a conversation with City of Houston Transportation Planner David Fields about transportation and health.

The Texas Craft Brewers Guild would like your help saving Texas’ microbreweries.

The Current reports on the plight of the Kerrville Folk Festival, which is soliciting donations to stay afloat after cancelling its 2020 event.

Los Blogs de Tejas – TPA Roundup

The Texas Progressive Alliance is fanning itself with one hand and sipping from a frosty beverage with the other as it brings you this week’s roundup.

Off the Kuff catalogs the many ways Greg Abbott failed during the COVID crisis.

SocraticGadfly says that if Black Lives Matter, and Confederate statues are a worry, even in Gainesville, it’s interesting that, as part of that Young Republicans PR also matters. He also offers a few thoughts on various statues issues in general.

It was a slow week at DosCentavos , but he reminds everyone to send healing thoughts and vibes to Tex-Mex Legend and great Democrat Little Joe Hernandez.


And here are some posts of interest from other Texas blogs.

Big Tex says we’ll meet again at the State Fair in 2021.

Paradise in Hell was sad to see that happen.

Reform Austin lists a number of prominent Texans who have contracted COVID-19.

Progress Texas argues that our district attorneys are not prosecuting enough abusive cops.

Rick Casey posits that Greg Abbott misses having Joe Straus around to serve as the main punching bag for the wingnut coalition in the GOP.

The Texas Signal highlights Sen. Eddie Lucio’s ties to the private prison industry.

The TMAs COVID-19 Risk Assessment Chart

A chart has been floating around the facebooks and it is quite interesting. What activities pose the most risk for contracting the coronavirus? It’s not too surprising, but as we keep reaching record-setting numbers, and as Greg Abbott and his ilk continue to fail Texas, and as people keep making bad excuses for not practicing CDC guidelines (masks/distancing/stay home), this is good information to know. Click here for a PDF of this. Or, click on the image below.

What’s the riskiest thing you’ve done these last few months? For me, it’s been mostly opening the mail, pumping gas, and grocery shopping. And it wasn’t until last week that I picked up some Popeye’s Chicken and had to run a few errands with a sibling while wearing masks in the vehicle. But, that’s it! Everything else would seem like walking into a COVID spit cloud, unless they practice those CDC guidelines (like at a professional office for work purposes).

Anyway, check yourself!

Los Blogs de Tejas – TPA Roundup

The Texas Progressive Alliance watched “Hamilton” like everyone else as it prepped this week’s blog roundup. [DosCentavos did not!]

Off the Kuff has two more polls to analyze.

SocraticGadfly had two third-party items of note. First, he said RIP to Mimi Soltysik, 2016 SPUSA presidential nominee. Second, he called out losing Green Party presidential candidate Dario Hunter for “going there” with identity politics and various other matters.

DosCentavos’ early voting experience was quick, yet harrowing. The moral of the story…don’t leave until you click “CAST BALLOT.”


And here are some posts of interest from other Texas blogs.

Charlotte Clymer expresses discomfort with a recent viral video.

Grits for Breakfast presents a primer for new, local police-reform advocates in Texas.

Dwight Silverman updates the “how to cut the cord” manual.

Christoph Spieler discusses why race is always there when we talk about transit.

Pedro Noguera wants a focus on equity when we reopen the schools.