About Tacho & Daily Dos

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tacho50Tacho Medellin is a native of Crystal City, Texas, born to Tacho and Flora Medellin and raised during the height of Chicano activism in South Texas. As a little kid, Tacho was introduced to the very leaders of that movement, attending La Raza Unida Party rallies and election night parties, and it was his parents and those leaders that left a lasting influence on him that has become a part of his professional life. Tacho resides in the Mid West area of Houston.

After years of political activism and professional political work, Tacho founded DosCentavos.net with a goal of targeting the Chicano community with political news, opinion, and Chicano culture. It didn’t take long for “DC” to gain a wide and diverse audience. Although he has stepped back from political ground work, the issues activism continues, especially on issues affecting the Chicano and Latino communities. Along with writing, he’s always ready to serve as a voice, public face, and content expert on various pressing issues.

Tacho owns and operates DCMedia, a multimedia communications consulting shop which works to create and deploy messaging and marketing for political and issues organizations, small businesses, and entertainers and performers.


DosCentavos.net was founded by A.S. (Tacho) Medellin, Jr. in April, 2005.  With a goal to target the Chicano and Latino community, DosCentavos soon began to enjoy a diverse readership beyond Houston, TX.  As a socio-political weblog, DosCentavos covers local, state, and national politics, Chicano music, arts, and culture, and much more.