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Early Voting Begins on Wednesday, December 4

Well, it’s that time again–Early Voting for the Run-Offs for City Council begins on Wednesday, December 4. You can vote at ANY early voting location (PDF of locations). The important thing is to VOTE!

And what are the DC nods, you ask? Well, here goes. I’ll start with those things on my actual ballot. I’ll probably make comments at a later date.

City of Houston At-Large 2:  David Robinson.

City of Houston At-Large 3:  LEAVE IT BLANK ~ With all due respect to my friends in the GLBT community, I cannot and will not vote for an anti-immigrant Hispanic.

HCC District V – Robert Glaser

The other races not on my ballot, but for whom I’m rooting.

District D – Dwight Boykins

District I – Robert Gallegos

HCC District I – Zeph Capo

HCC District III – Adriana Tamez

DC Endorses…

First thing’s first. You will need a photo ID to vote. Early voting starts (PDF of locations) today, October 21 and ends November 1. Election Day is November 5.

Basically, this is just a list of those whose names I will click one of these days. I won’t go all “Chron” on you by writing down my reasons because I always wonder if I will have to un-endorse an endorsed candidate. Seriously, though, I do make these DosCentavos nods without any reservation, unless otherwise noted.

Mayor – Annise Parker

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