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Steve Brown Announces for Railroad Commissioner

Steve Brown, the former Chair of the Fort Bend Democratic Party, has made it official, announcing he will be a candidate in the Democratic Primary for Texas Railroad Commissioner. Don’t be fooled by the name, the job is hardly about trains, but about the development of energy resources, ensuring safe delivery of those resources, and protecting the environment.

Brown stated “It’s important that we do all that we can to continue the abundant growth of our energy industry, as it is the engine of our state’s economy. It’s equally important that this agency has the resources to quickly respond to everyday Texans’ concerns about safety, private property rights, and the environment.  I want this agency to operate as it was intended – to facilitate energy production while also protecting the interests of all Texans and future Texans.”

Brown’s career spans over 15 years of public administration and state budgetary policy experience.  During that time he has worked in the Clinton White House, assisted in crafting several state budgets, and led efforts to advance major state legislation.  “This is one of the few agencies that touch multiple facets of everyday life.  Transportation, the environment, water resources, and workforce capacity are all impacted by the Railroad Commission. I’ll bring a much needed holistic perspective to this agency,” added Brown.

I’m really excited about Steve’s candidacy and I look forward to supporting him in any way that I can.

Created in 1891, the Texas Railroad Commission was one of the first consumer protection agencies in the nation.  At that time Texans sought relief from price manipulation and discriminatory practices of railroad companies. “It’s time we return back to that heritage.  I will use my expertise in crafting state budgets and knowledge of agency administration to ensure that the public has an advocate. And that this agency has the resources to better serve businesses and consumers.”

2014 Democrats: David Rosen Begins Campaign for Harris County Treasurer

Around six weeks ago, I was honored to get a call from my friend David Rosen. Actually, speaking to him is usually an honor because he usually has something good to say, and this time, it was about his decision to seek the Democratic nomination for County Treasurer. What made me more excited is that he started early (again) making the phone calls, gathering the signatures, and putting in the legwork. By the end of the phone call, I was energized for 2014.

I won’t lie, I support Rosen. I supported him in 2012 when he ran for the Dem nod for HCDE Trustee, too. David is one of those young leaders who is impressive and can provide a good dose of energy to the local portion of the 2014 ballot. We need it from top-to-bottom of the ballot (hint-hint: Wendy Davis!) . And David will represent the Blue team well. (Read latest on Wendy Davis).

Here’s something David sent out today:

Six weeks ago, I filed the first round of paperwork required to run for the Democratic Party’s nomination for the office of Harris County Treasurer. If successful, I’ll become the youngest countywide elected Democrat we’ve had here in more than 40 years.

I’m honored to begin this campaign with the support of Billy Briscoe, our party’s 2010 nominee for County Treasurer. My friend Jamaal Smith, the former executive director of the Harris County Democratic Party and himself once a young candidate, has agreed to serve as my campaign treasurer.

The Democratic Primary is scheduled for March 2, 2014, and the general election will be in November of next year. Until then, we’ve got about 14 months to get to know each other better.

I’m going to be running on a platform that reflects the values of my generation — open government, new technology, and respect and tolerance for all groups of people. You can read more on my campaign website about my background, the Treasurer’s office and my stances on the issues.

I’m flattered to begin this campaign with the support of a dozen current and former Democratic elected officials and more than 50 current and former Democratic party precinct chairs from around Harris County.

Last month, I started appearing at local Democratic club events, and my family and I are working to gather the 500 signatures to qualify for the ballot.

In this early stage, here’s what you could do to help:

Go David Go!

More to come!

So, Who’s Running in 2014?

For Governor, it will not be SA’s Mayor Julian Castro, and now, not Senator Wendy Davis.

Texpatriate and Kuff talk a little bit about the names that are out there. Of those mentioned by the two and that I’ve heard of, I must say I like Mike Villarreal the most. Rep. Villarreal has made a name for himself on many issues that I support, whether it be education equity, woman’s right to choose, or other issues with a liberal/progressive bent. But, frankly, given political realities, I don’t usually feel like sacrificing good Mexican American talent.

So, perhaps we should push draft the one mentioned by Kuff–Henry Cisneros? That’s if he’s back in tip-top health, of course.

Here’s my take. The guy has amassed some good wealth post-Clinton-era, so, win or lose, he stands to gain. Sure, we lib-labs complain about millionaires getting elected to office, but hell, I wouldn’t mind hearing Republicans complaining about a Mexican American millionaire-“lib’rul.” And he’d rile up Latino voters, for sure.

Just a thought.

Now, this is just me taking political realities about 2014 into consideration, rather than being a Zombie-Dem cheerleader like I usually am. (Not being really involved in any clubs lately has done that to me.)

Of course, that leaves us with a whole bunch of statewide positions to seek, including the need for a good, strong candidate for Land Commish to beat “Little Brown One.”

There’s no doubt we have some good people on deck, especially folks working hard like State Rep. Trey Martinez-Fischer, long one of my favorites, as well as others like State Reps. Armando Walle, Ana Hernandez Luna, Rafael Anchia, etc. Surely, Dems can build a list of up-and-comers to get some statewide name ID in 2014 for the run-up to bigger victories in 2016, 2018, and beyond.

I’m sure we’ll be having more conversations about this in the near future. For now, we’ve got 2013 City elections! I’m still trying to get excited about those races.