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SA’s Mayor Castro Endorses Mayor Annise Parker


This is good to see.

Houston Mayor Annise Parker today received the endorsement of fellow Mayor Julián Castro of San Antonio.

“I’ve joined with Houston teachers, police and sheriffs to support the re-election of your mayor, Annise Parker,” said Mayor Castro.  “Annise’s record of results is full of accomplishments of which any mayor would be proud.”

Mayor Castro cited major achievements of Mayor Parker’s administration, including the Hire Houston First program, putting more police officers on the street, securing $7 million for after-school programs and cutting millions in waste to fully fund public safety.

“With all the gridlock in Washington, America’s cities are leading the way with innovative solutions to complex problems,” said Mayor Castro. “With Annise as mayor of Houston, our cities can work together to make real progress not only for Houston and San Antonio, but also for Texas and the nation.”

“I deeply appreciate Mayor Castro’s endorsement,” said Mayor Parker.  “Under Mayor Castro’s leadership, San Antonio has continued its rise as a Great American City. An inspiration to Texas Latinos, Mayor Castro has made our state stronger for all Texans.”


The Closer for Mayor Annise Parker (VIDEO)

At least that’s what her campaign manager, tweeted.

This newest ad comes after a series of negative ads against her opponent, Ben Hall. I’ll just say I wish we had seen more of these type of ads. Like I said, voters tend to be sleepy and need a nudge (or an outright knock on the head) to remind them of the good things about Houston. That said, keep voting folks!

And if you need to be convinced, then listen to my friend, Juliet Stipeche.

The LWVHouston Mayoral Debate

Obviously, I’m biased, so, I expected Mayor Annise Parker to stick to her platform and record, but I didn’t expect the rest of her opponents to do so terribly. Well, I liked Michael Fitzsimmons, but that’s because I like those who dare to be different; and I will say Keryl Douglas did OK.

Anyway, it didn’t take long to start wondering if Eric Dick was borrowing lines from Ben Hall’s press releases regarding the various accusations thrown at the Mayor. Ultimately, attacks by challengers on an incumbent without a reason to support said challengers does not win any of them any votes, especially if stuff just seems to bounce off the incumbent like it did last night.

Dick and Hall also attempted to provide conservatives with some red meat, but they all may have choked on the marrow in the process. Hall and Dick’s ideas to cut taxes and cut fees, while also complaining about infrastructure and services left them exposed to retorts from Parker’s campaign press shop, such as this one regarding Hall wanting to de-fund Rebuild Houston.

Hall’s plan would repeal the major source of current revenue for the fund. His plan includes no sources of revenues to replace those funds and would stop almost all street and flood prevention projects in Houston.

See what I mean?

Or stuff like this.

At the debate sponsored by the League of Women Voters Tuesday, Hall repeated his frequent and misleading claim that 65 percent of Houston properties are unsustainable because they do not generate enough tax revenue to cover the cost of the public services provided to them. Hall said if he were elected mayor, he would attract businesses to develop those properties, thereby increasing both their value and their tax revenue for the city.

Hall, however, hides the most important fact: the properties he calls unsustainable are homes below the median property value – in other words, homes owned by middle- and low-income Houstonians.  According to a tax analysis by Better Houston, these are homes valued at $120,000 or less.

“Ben Hall hides the truth again. When you look at the numbers behind Hall’s rhetoric, it’s clear that his plan would require a massive tax increase on middle-class and low-income Houstonians – and at the same time gentrify their neighborhoods so they couldn’t afford to live there.” said Davis.

It’s easy to come up with these lofty ideas from one’s tony perch in Memorial, I guess.

Should this be classified as a win for the Mayor? If it is, it’s because it was handed to her. As she stated after the debate:

“Ben Hall revealed himself in tonight’s debate,” said Parker campaign spokesperson Sue Davis. “Mr. Hall has no plans to fight crime, no plans to create jobs and no plans to manage our city responsibly.”

While the Mayor did a good job of sticking to her platform and record, I didn’t hear much else offered by the others, other than Ben Hall’s big brother surveillance plan and his water caves.

But if you still aren’t decided on this one, there is a Mayoral Forum next Monday, October 14, at the Leonel Castillo Community Center sponsored by Neighborhood Centers.

More from PDiddie, Coby, Texpate and probably more folks which I’ll add later.

Annise Parker Ad: The Man Who Wasn’t There [Video]

A few minutes ago, Mayor Annise Parker announced that there WILL be a Thanksgiving Parade, thanks to the good folks at HEB and other private donors. Soon after press questions regarding the parade, Parker answered some campaign questions.

Regarding ad buys, Parker stated that her opponent Ben Hall’s recent ad buy was about him trying to introduce himself to Houston, and that she intended to help him get known.

I guess this is how it’s done.

Update:  In a Facebook post announcing the ad, the Mayor had this to say:

Friends, I’m never going to stop working to keep Houston the best city in America – and I’m never going to let my multimillionaire opponent and his right-wing consultants Swift Boat us. Here’s our response.

Update #2:  The Parker campaign released an official statement, too.

HOUSTON, TX – Houston Mayor Annise Parker has released a campaign television ad that begins running on broadcast television today. The ad is titled, “The Man Who Wasn’t There.”

“Ben Hall says that voters deserve the truth. We agree,” campaign spokesperson Sue Davis said.  “Hall can start by answering the simple question, ‘Where have you been?’

“Hall rhapsodizes about how much he loves Houston and says he has a vision for the city. But his vision didn’t include living in Houston, voting in Houston or paying Houston property taxes on his home. His vision didn’t include solving any of the city’s problems, either. When Houston was hurting in the recession, Hall offered no vision, no ideas and no leadership.

“Under Mayor Parker’s leadership, on the other hand, Houstonians came together to change the way we do business – and we’ve made real progress creating jobs, fighting crime and cutting government waste.”

In 2011, Houston Chronicle columnist Rick Casey pointed out that Hall “lived in an 8,000-square-foot house in suburban Piney Point Village with a tax appraisal of $2.9 million. With Piney Point’s tax rate at a third of the city of Houston’s, had Hall’s house been in Houston last year our deficit would have been about $12,000 less.” Houston Chronicle, March 24, 2011.

Inbox: Planned Parenthood Endorses Mayor Parker

I usually look to Planned Parenthood of the Gulf Coast Action Fund’s endorsements when it comes to giving a candidate my final seal of approval. Either that, or whether a candidate has even bothered to fill out their endorsement questionnaire and is in line with my views. So, it’s great to see that PPGC has endorsed Mayor Annise Parker for a third and final term. Here’s the letter (click to enlarge).