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Term Limits Bill: DC is Not a Fan

The Texas Senate approved a term limits bill by a huge margin. 

The Senate advanced the proposed constitutional amendment to the House with a vote of 27-4. If approved by voters, the amendment would apply to governors, lieutenant governors, attorneys general and state agency commissioners. It would not apply to judges or the legislators themselves.

I don’t care if I’m not a fan of Rick Perry-types, I think it is undemocratic to place limits on elected officials. If the voters can’t get rid of them, then the opposing party isn’t doing a good job of educating voters on issues and candidates.

Who says DosCentavos can’t play well with Republicans?

On the other hand, limits on political (and donor-based) appointments isn’t a bad idea. Appointments should go to well-qualified individuals, sure, but not to the highest bidder.

What we need more of is campaign finance reform, but I doubt there would be much support for it. Campaigns seem to be temporary job creators nowadays.

Update:  Kuff and I agree.