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Ms. T Joins Boycott of Macy’s and Kroger’s

As I was doing a little grocery shopping at the little HEB in Bellaire, and scrolling though my Facebook app on the phone, I found out that State Rep. Senfronia Thompson has also joined the boycott of Kroger’s and Macy’s.

“Upon learning that Macy’s had pressured Governor Perry to veto the Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act, I decided to cancel my appearance at today’s press conference,” Thompson said in a press release. “HB 950 passed both chambers with bipartisan support, and until Macy’s and other retailers that oppose common sense legislation get on board with equal pay for equal work, I will not be patronizing any of them. I will not support these retailers until they support Texas women.”

Regarding Rick Perry’s reasoning for vetoing the bill, Thompson provided a dose of reality for those who may consider themselves “pro-business” and back Perry’s boycott.

But Thompson said “federal courts are more expensive for both plaintiffs and defendants while state courts are available in every county and are less costly.  This bill is about letting Texans solve Texas problems to take care of Texas wage disputes.”

Meanwhile, I might check out Dillard’s this weekend.

Sign Progress Texas’ petition and join the boycott.