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COH Money Reports – City Council

(Will be updated throughout the day)

Well, there have already been a few campaign finance reports submitted before the today’s deadline. The City website states the City Secretary has two days to upload whatever is submitted, but hopefully, they’ll help us and have instant reports for those willing to submit during the day. Kudos to those early birds, though.

District A:  Helena Brown (I)~ Raised $67,446, On Hand $46,674. Most contributions came from individuals, but some that caught my eye were my cable guy from Phonoscope, the Hotze guy, and a couple others. A little less than $5K came from PACs, such as Southwest Airlines and Centerpoint. Most of her expenses were for signs, staff, and consultants. As a friend of mine stated this morning, we’re impressed.

District A:  Mike Knox ~ Raised $41,666, On Hand $35,624.

District A:  Ron Hale ~ Raised $2670, On Hand $137.74.

District A:  Amy Peck ~ Raised $4,481, On Hand $9,163.

District A:  Brenda Stardig  ~ Raised $0, On Hand $5,174.

Update 7/16:  Greg reminds us of the Stardig S-SPAC which actually looks healthy with over $55K on hand, and with $56,650 raised.

District B:  Jerry Davis (I) ~ Raised $52,600, On Hand $104,820

District C:  Ellen Cohen (I) ~ Raised $128,064, On Hand $108,696.

District D:  Dwight Boykins ~ Raised $150,155, On Hand $100,592.

District D:  Georgia Provost ~ Raised $20,916, On Hand $2,378.

District D:  Assatta Richards ~ Raised $37,108, On Hand $18,294.

District E:  Dave Martin (I) ~ Raised $53,960, On Hand $23,710

District G:  Oliver Pennington (I) ~ Raised $185,550, On Hand $249,059.

District G:  Brian Taef ~ Raised $150, On Hand $150

District H:  Ed Gonzalez (I) ~ Raised $79,639, On Hand $73,364

District I:  Robert Gallegos ~ Raised $16,945, On Hand $9,285 Most contributions came from individuals, although one that is noticeable is that of State Senator Sylvia Garcia’s. No surprise since she endorsed him early on, but it looks good to have that kind of support.

District I:  Graciana Garces ~ Raised $18,917 ~ On Hand $4,272. Mostly individual contributions, including some big local names,such as Drayton McLane and a few friends of mine. Expenses on the usual stuff. No surprises.

Note:  Considering both Gallegos and Garces had late starts because of all of the excitement over the SD-6 campaigns, they didn’t do too bad.

District I:  Leticia Ablaza ~ Raised $27,230, On Hand $16,582. Some “in-kind” padding on this one.

District I:  Ben Mendez ~ Raised $94,632, On Hand $12,048. A mix of money raised from individuals, self-funding, and a lot of in-kind from various associates make up the money raised, in case one wonders. Some of those in-kind items were values for silent auction items for a fundraiser, it appears. Expenses are just your typical campaign expenses–consulting and management, signs, etc.

District J:  Mike Laster (I) ~ Raised $66,403, On Hand $80,858. My Councilman is pretty impressive, huh?

District K:  Larry Green (I) ~ Raised $93,213, On Hand $80,690

At-Large 1:  Stephen Costello (I) ~ Raised $155,590, On Hand $161,646

At-Large 2:  David Robinson ~ Raised $82,454 (wow!) On Hand $52,746. Looks like Robinson has put together a strong bank account utilizing architects, developers, and lawyers, plus other individuals. As far as expenses go, I’m guessing he still had to pay off some of his 2011 race expenses. That said, $50K plus still looks pretty good.

At-Large 2:  Andrew Burks (I) ~ Raised $40,910 ~ On Hand $18,042. Looks like Burks is getting the usual incumbent money, including the Police and Firefighter’s unions. The usual expenses reported.

At-Large 2:  Brent (Trebor) Gordon ~ Raised $1,540, On Hand $1,078. This report is a bit confusing. I’m pretty sure one is supposed to add all of the “in-kind” stuff to the total amount raised.

At-Large 3:  Jenifer Rene Pool ~ Raised $33,596, On Hand $ 5,192. Thanks to Maria G. for the update! Jenifer’s been an astute fundraiser and is definitely everywhere and talking to every voter who will listen.

At-Large 3:  Roland Chavez ~ $27,255, On Hand $23,658.

At-Large 3:  Roy Morales ~ Raised $0, On Hand $0. He still reports owing a little less than a thousand from previous campaigns. I’m not sure about the $0 spent since there’s a sign on the fence of the strip club at Harwin and 59, as well as at an abandoned Goodyear by PlazAmericas. Hmmm.

Update:  And, according to Greg, Ol’ Roy has an updated report which shows he’s got over $35K on hand. You can make a lot of YouTubes with that cash.

At-Large 3:  Michael Kubosh ~ Raised $108,057, Oh Hand $85,833.

At-Large 3:  Chris Carmona ~ Raised $0, On Hand $0.

At-Large 3:   Rogene Calvert ~ Raised $83,906, On Hand $75,318

At-Large 4:  C.O. Bradford (I) ~ Raised $54,225, On Hand $51,746. As far as money goes, it looks like your typical incumbent’s money–PACs and big names in the community, including big checks from the police and firefighters unions.

At-large 5:  Jack Christie (I) ~ Raised $94,980, On Hand $61,588.

MAYORAL UPDATE: I’ll have a post on this later tonight, but Mayor Annise Parker is reporting $2.481 million cash on hand after raising $2.2 Million. Opponent Ben Hall’s S-PAC raised $310,497, spent $$635,765, and loaned had a self-loan of $1.5 million for cash on hand of $1.1 million.

City Controller:  Ronald Green ~ Raised $71,548, On Hand $61,905

Update 7/16 ~ El Kuff has more on the Mayoral money.