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Catching Up on a Lunes

First Day of School

juiceboxGood luck to all involved in educating kids. If you’re a college student, take responsibility for your academics, take advantage of all kinds of student services (especially tutoring!), and don’t expect any hand-holding. Teachers, please enjoy your after-school juice box (see pic). All, be safe on the streets.

Local Campaigns

Now that it seems the club endorsements are about done, I’m looking forward to the actual campaigns, including the pro-HERO campaign. If you want to catch up on some of the local races, check out Kuff’s interviews with District F’s Richard NguyenDistrict H’s Jason Cisneroz, At Large 3’s Doug Peterson and  Texas Leftist’s questionnaire of At Large 5’s Philippe Nassif.

Protesting Children

Just when Hillary double-downed on Central American kids last week, we’ve got some anti-kid activity at a local HISD Arabic magnet school on the first day of school. See what I did there?

Monday Music ~ Ram Herrera – Los Años (Mucho Mas Que Amor-2015)

Catching Up With City of Houston Stuff

I got hit by a cold early last week, felt better by last Friday, and by Saturday, a whole new wave hit me hard and knocked me out of commission. I’m not 100%, yet, but I figured doing one big post on stuff I’ve managed to notice in between bouts of napping and delirium would be in order.

We Have an Anti-Wage Theft Ordinance!

Congrats to the good people of Fe y Justicia Worker Center and their partners for staying in the fight to ensure a Wage Theft Ordinance that some call “a good start” was finally passed by City Council.

As I heard during this process that even my own member of Council was iffy, and I sorta mentioned it on the DC, his office engaged me and even invited me to further discuss the issue. As life (and family illnesses) hit me square in the face, I didn’t have time to participate much, but Council Member Mike Laster’s office remained engaged and attentive, which I truly appreciate. Ultimately, after a couple of edits, the entire Council voted for the ordinance. So, thanks to Council Member Laster, and a big DC salute to Council Member Ed Gonzalez and Mayor Annise Parker for all of their work and negotiation.

Benefits for Legally Married Folks

This is really a no-brainer–that same sex spouse gets to qualify for a spouses city benefits. This is another good first step, as now, the City can begin to moved toward a non-discrimination ordinance.

Payday Lending Regulations Forthcoming

I’ll write more about this, but on Friday, Mayor Annise Parker will announce a new drive to enact payday lending regulations. She’ll unveil the package and will ask Council to approve in December.

This is timely, and should be cause for debate among City Council candidates in the run-off. Of course, it’s also cause to look at campaign finance reports to see who’s getting payday lender money.

District I – Robert Gallegos Racks Up Endorsements

Robert Gallegos has already gotten some significant endorsements, including State Rep. Ana Hernandez and former opponent, Ben Mendez. Others include the Greater Houston Restaurant Association, the Young Democrats, my favorite unions, SEIU and HOPE, the Teamsters, the Plumbers, and some more elected officials.

Congrats to David Lee Garza and Friends

David Lee Garza earned himself a Latin Grammy for his multi-artist production, Just Friends. Of course, DosCentavos is proud to have given this CD it’s seal of approval. Here’s a sample featuring David Marez: