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Thoughts on Viernes…05242013

We Really Need to Look at Chase Policies

We all heard about the police chase from Deerbrook Mall in Humble that ended up in the Houston city limits with one person dead. Well, according to HPD who is investigating the accident, an arrest was made and the person is charged with murder.

Now, for the question:  Would this murder have occurred if the Humble police had given up the chase? With the vehicle already ID’d, and the possibility that their faces were on some film inside the mall, was a few hundred bucks worth of merchandise (if that much–no amount has been stated yet) worth the chase and the death of an innocent?

(KHOU reports that the amount of merchandise was $2600. Is it still worth the chase?)

That said, the prosecution must obviously happen. But something needs to be done about chase policies, and how they affect cops from another jurisdiction driving into our city.

The House Immigration Bill

Looks like the House will create their own bill, rather than consider a Senate bill that is still to be considered by the full Senate, according to the National Journal.   The House’s “Gang” seems to be stuck on the whole “no citizenship if you go to the ER” aspect being pushed by Republicans, so, House leaders say they will produce their own bill through the House Judiciary Committee if things fall apart.

What does this mean?

“I’ve gotta say there are people on both sides of the aisle who have done their best to try to undermine their ability to get to an agreement,” Boehner said.

Boehner knows that doing nothing will affect the GOP in 2014. Meanwhile, Labrador from Idaho is threatening to submit his own bill if the House “gang” falls apart. His attempt at national points-scoring fails miserably.

 …the most likely vehicle for Republican legislation will be a Labrador-authored comprehensive GOP bill, or some combination of Republican-authored bills dealing with E-Verify, agricultural guest workers, and high-skilled immigration that have been introduced into the Judiciary Committee.

And screw everyone else? Republicans continue to answer to the moneyed interests. What about the path to citizenship? The response more fences and less family unity, obviously.

The American People are watching, for sure, but there is a lack of focus on what the people want to push for. Sure, we know the majority of Americans support a path to citizenship, but it seems Congress wants to start elsewhere–visas, “security,” and other aspects of immgiration. Who should provide the focus?  President Obama? Democrats? DCCC and DSCC? Obama for America or whatever they call themselves now? Someone in DC needs to lead, and not leave the migrant community (or those who seem to be fighting for them) on their own.

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