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Turner Earns Major Latino Nods

turnerToday is Early Vote Saturday for the 2015 Mayoral election, and according to some of my friends in the know, Latinos made up 8% of the total vote cast, thus far. No doubt, this is dismal, and if Latinos expect to play an influential part in this election, Latino turnout must increase–and in favor of Sylvester Turner, Chris Brown, Amanda Edwards, David Robinson, Richard Nguyen, Mike Laster, and Jason Cisneroz.

On Friday, Mayoral candidate Sylvester Turner earned the endorsement of Congressman Joaquin Castro, who served in the Texas Lege with Turner.

“…I saw firsthand his commitment to working on the issues that matter to Houston’s middle class families; jobs, education and opportunity for all. Sylvester will unite the people of Houston and move the city forward.”

Former Mayoral candidate Adrian Garcia held a press conference outside of Moody Park to urge Latinos to come out and vote and support Sylvester Turner.

“Houston’s future is too critical for our city to be allowed to go back to basics,” said Garcia.  “If you don’t vote, we risk setting our city on a backwards course.  Everyone, especially Hispanics, should vote for Sylvester Turner for mayor.”

HISD Trustee Juliet Stipeche also added her support for Turner.

“Sylvester will build bridges and collaborate with our schools,” Stipeche said.  “Every child deserves a bright future.  I urge everyone to vote for Sylvester Turner, a leader who believes in that bright future.”

Turner has long been a supporter of Latino issues, while also defending against some of the worst policies offered by Republicans (who support Bill King).

  • Voted NO on anti-Latino “Sanctuary Cities” bill
  • Voted NO on Voter ID that limited Latino voting opportunities
  • Voted NO on Redistricting maps that diluted Latino voting strength
  • Supports expanding Medicaid and affordable health insurance

Turner also offers the best and workable solutions to Houston’s challenges, whether it increasing public safety, fixing our streets, or expanding economic opportunity for all–and through fiscally responsible methods.

I urge Latinos in Houston to vote Sylvester Turner. Today (Saturday, 12/5/2015) is a gorgeous day. There is no excuse to not show up at the polls. VOTE TODAY!


Senator Garcia’s Recs; Final Filing Day; A Statewide Dem

Sylvia’s Choices

Senator Sylvia Garcia (SD6) issued her run-off recommendations today. They’re not too different from mine, although I stayed out of District A.

The Senator recommends:

District A – Brenda Stardig

District D – Dwight Boykins

District I – Robert Gallegos

HCC-1 – Zeph Capo

HCC-3 – Adriana Tamez

Of course, mine can be found here. There have been plenty of opportunities for debate regarding my recommendation to leave At-Large 3 blank, but, why fight? There are a lot of strong opinions, but a lot of my friends seem to be leaving it blank. A ver que pasa.

 Final Filing Day Surprises

Will there be surprises? Already, there’s one from Austin in which Judge Larry Meyers of the Court of Criminal Appeals switched to the Blue side, stating he couldn’t be a member of the right-wing party anymore. Word is his seat isn’t up until 2016, so, he can run in 2014 for Texas Supreme Court–and he’s filed. So, not only do we have our first Democratic statewide officeholder since 1998, we have another Dem candidate for the Supremes. I’ll take this “win.”

Here in Harris County, word is we’re in for a few contested primaries, and a few empty positions which will give the GOP an easy win. I’ll have some thoughts on this later, but for now, I’m eagerly waiting for the final list.

Texpatriate has more on Meyers.