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Same Characters, Same Border Fear-Mongering

The Lite Gov of Texas told El Cheeto he’d build the wall for him and the orange one ran with it.

“One of the things that Dan Patrick suggested, which I thought was very interesting, was: Give the state of Texas a relatively small amount of money — they’ll build a wall themselves, cause they wanna build it,” Trump said.

Talk about boondoggles.

Although, I still think I can do it cheaper than you. … You do things very well in Texas, and I like that idea, so we’ll take a look.”

If this doesn’t sound like a competition for kickbacks on kickbacks, I don’t know what else it could be. Of course, there’s also the racist nature of Trump and Patrick who salivate at the thought of banning brown people from the USA.

Patrick’s idea is a 200 mile wall from Brownsville to Falcon Lake–basically, South Texas. And Texas will still spend another billion dollars on the current boondoggle of a “border surge” that has destabilized communities and militarized the border.

Needless to say, the Texas legislative session just got a little more interesting.

Here in Houston, Chief Art Acevedo joined the debate by stating that the border issue is overblown and that more money is needed for law enforcement on the streets of Houston. A recent murder of a child by alleged gang members has brought the gang issue back into the light.

ABC13 reported on this with the cops union boss blaming the border and immigrants for Houston crime, thus supporting Trump’s policies. This is nothing new as the cops union has supported racist policies like SB4, 287g and Secure Communities in the past.

This is why I’ve always told “progressive” politicians: Stay away from bigoted policies and those who support them! You’ll never out-bigot the bigots.

I’m expecting border issues to become localized as the cops union gets involved and somehow it all makes it into the mayoral debates of 2019. When Houston is experiencing a host of issues, lack of money, and lack of political will, blaming others for problems is to be expected.

Stay tuned, folks.

Van de Putte Ad: A Matter of Trust

Van de Putte: Rape is Always Rape

In her latest ad, Leticia Van de Putte calls out Dan Patrick’s opposition to abortion even for rape and incest, as well as votes against funding for the backlog of rape kits. Whether it’s women, Latinos and immigrants, or school kids, Dan Patrick is wrong on every issue. Give it a watch and share it!

GOP Explains Dan Patrick’s No-Show to Univision Debate

Funny stuff on why Patrick didn’t show to Univision debate:

“Sometimes candidates that aren’t fluent in Spanish maybe are concerned about the way that it’s translated, the way that it comes out,” [Bexar Co. GOP Chair Robert] Stovall said. “So it’s probably a good thing he didn’t show up in this case.”

Because there’s only one way to say that immigrants come to the US with “Tuberculosis, Malaria, Polio and Leprosy” or with “third-world diseases,” right, Dan?

Republican Latino outreach – You’re doing it wrong!

On the other hand…”The people need get out and vote because if they don’t vote, we will return to the past.”





Twit of the Day: Dan Patrick


Dan Patrick won’t debate Leticia Van de Putte on Univision, but he’ll attack Latinos on Twitter.


Tuesday: Julian Castro vs All Anti-Latino Republicans

The Mayor of San Antonio, Julian Castro, will be debating Dan Patrick on the issue of immigration on Tuesday, 4/15. Really, the good Mayor will be debating the entire Anti-Latino, anti-immigrant Republican Party since Dan Patrick represents the most divisive segment of Texas politics.

Frankly, I am of the opinion that this shouldn’t even be called a debate. Dan Patrick has never offered an ounce of fact in any immigration-related comment he has given. Instead, Dan Patrick has portrayed immigrants and Latinos as disease-carrying criminals who are invading Texas, which his base just loves to repeat. I expect some good facts from Mayor Castro, so, at least his side of the debate will be educative.

Mike Thomas with the SA Business Journal provides the details.

What began as a challenge over immigration policy posed on Twitter will culminate in a one-hour forum where the two politicians will discuss their views on immigration and border security at the Univision San Antonio studios. The discussion will be moderated by Evan Smith, editor-in-chief of the Texas Tribune, and will be streamed live on Univision41.com and TexasTribune.org beginning at 6 p.m.

I’ll be checking it out, for sure.

Boycotting Buc-ees

I guess there’s a movement going on now that Congressman Joaquin Castro made it known that Buc-ees is no longer on his list of stopping points on the way to anywhere in Texas.

I can’t blame him. When a lovable looking beaver is pictured with the guy who gets off on dehumanizing immigrants, well, there’s no doubt that those big white beaver teeth are now tainted with the hatred of Dan Patrick and other like-minded bigots.

The Buc-ees corporation is quick to point out that the owners are the Patrick endorsers and not the corporation itself. I guess, in this case, corporations aren’t people? Anyway…

[Update:  If the corporation isn’t supporting him, how does the use of the beaver not say “corporate endorsement”?]

The bottom line is that when the Texas Farm Bureau has something to say in defense of agricultural workers who are usually undocumented, then it is safe to say that Dan Patrick is way off the mark on this issue; and, if anything, he isn’t really supportive of Texas agriculture.

Kudos to the Congressman for standing up against the immigrant bashers. And kudos to all those other Texas elected officials who have joined the chorus, too.

The Latest in GOP Latino Outreach

As San Antonio Mayor Julian Castro told the world last week, Dan Patrick is the most anti-immigrant Republican out there. He’s probably the worst candidate when it comes to Latino outreach, too.

After finding out that one of my favorite bands, Intocable, didn’t win the Grammy for Best Mexican Regional Album last night, I started watching some of their old videos, among other Latin music videos. At every video, the same thing popped up:  “Dan Patrick Opposes In-State Tuition for Illegal Immigrants.”

Well, I already knew that and I agree with Mayor Castro. But if this is Patrick’s idea of Latino outreach, then he’s got some awful consultants out there. I took a pic of the screen last night in case Patrick changes course and begins to place his pop-ups on “Stormfront” videos, instead.

Even funnier is the fact that Intocable, from Zapata, TX, is known for some of their pro-immigrant reform songs and commentary. But at least the Latino electorate knows how Dan Patrick really feels about them.

Librotraficantes Declare Victory; Remain Vigilant

Authors Tony Diaz and Dagoberto Gilb. (Photo by Liana Lopez)

I want to congratulate my sisters and brothers in the cause, Librotraficante led by author Tony Diaz, on their victory against the anti-Ethnic Studies bills filed by Patrick and Capriliogne. Here’s a press release of a victory event held earlier today, slightly modified.

Houston, TX (May 9, 2013) – The Librotraficante Movement is thrilled to announce that Texas united and stopped HB1938 & SB1128, which threatened to effectively dismantle Ethnic Studies. Texas did not let HB1938 take U.S. History Back to 1938 before Ethnic Studies and Women’s Studies existed.

The Librotraficantes celebrated with a Book Liberation Party on the Capitol steps this Friday, May 10, Noon, in Austin, Texas featuring authors whose works were banned in Arizona but have been freed in Texas. This will include Dagoberto Gilb, whose banned books include Woodcuts of Women. We have also scheduled San Antonio’s first Poet Laureate Carmen Tafolla, whose collection of poetry Curandera was banned in Arizona. She is battling cancer, so may not be able to participate. However, she has been a big champion and inspiration to our cause.

The Book Liberation Party will also include testimonies from students, activists, and new authors who supported this movement and who can continue to have their voices and imaginations nourished by studying Mexican American History, African American History, Women’s History, and other Ethnic Studies, and these courses shall continue to count toward the History Components of their Core requirement in Texas colleges and Universities.

At the onset of Spring Break, Texas Republican House Representative Giovanni Capriglione submitted HB1938 and Texas Senator Dan Patrick submitted SB1128, which threatened to legislate a Comprehensive U.S or Texas History course to fulfill Core History requirements without revealing the exact content of these courses. This bill would have demoted Mexican American History, African American History, and Women’s History to electives, effectively dismantling these programs.

Tony Diaz, El Librotraficante, said, “Capriglione and Patrick submitted these bills on the first day of Spring Break. They must not have realized that the Librotraficantes spend Spring Break defying oppression. At this time last year, we launched the Librotraficante Caravan to Smuggle Banned Books Back into Arizona, and this year we defended Ethnic Studies in our own back yard. This is a warning to all far right legislators in any State of the Union, if you attack our History, our Culture, or our books, we will defy you. And we will win.”

Activists will remain vigilant to ensure that elements of these bills do not creep into other bills that have made it to a vote during the rest of the Texas legislative session.

Diaz, added, “As activists, it seems we are always on the defensive. That has to stop. We are planning to run candidates this fall for offices that will change that.”

Thoughts on Viernes…03152013

The Rob Portman Thing

Well, it’s not surprising that a Republican changed his stance on gay marriage as soon as he found out his son was gay. I’ve seen this quite a few times from Republicans who all of a sudden found out how bigotry personally affects them. Too bad we don’t see more of this:  “OMG! I’ve got an ‘illegal’ maid (or gardener), I think I’ll become pro-immigration reform!” Or, at least not after Latinos kick their butts in an election.

Convenience “liberals” can be quite annoying.

“Scholars” Reduce Us To “Special Topic”

The insulting nature surrounding Dan Patrick’s SB1128 is obvious when he gets his “scholar” buddies to defend what they are doing by calling the courses they are attempting to delete “special topic courses.” US Ethnic groups are a “special topic,” now? These courses are certainly more American and Texan than what is usually taught because they are inclusive. The battle continues, I suppose.

MUSIC BREAK:  Johnny Hernandez – Aventurero from his new CD

Here’s some music from a Tejano legend who was recently racially profiled by Arizona Highway Patrol doing “ICE” work.