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The Quinceañera: DCs Top 10 Posts of 2019

Thanks to DC readers for keeping us going all of these years. 2020 is a big year. It’s DC’s Quinceañera-15 years of DosCentavos.net! During these first 15 years, I’ve made 6,000 posts–some informational, some announcements, but a lot of substantive opinion on the issues of the day.

In 15 years, I’ve made friends, a few enemies, and even some enemies that have become friends because they got over what I wrote. I’ve quit blogging, come back, slowed down, but my general feelings have remained intact. So, this exercise will continue; at the very least, to continue pissing a few people off, at the most, to educate the masses.

We’ll try to bring you more politics, culture, and the intrigue that goes along with it in 2020. I’m pretty sure there will be much to talk about.

Here are our Top 10 of 2019

  1. A Great Opening Night at Festival Chicano
  2. Raj Salhotra Announces Bid for Houston City Council
  3. 2019 Houston Mayor, City Council Races Shaping Up
  4. Chicano Political Prisoner Ramsey Muñiz Released
  5. It Wouldn’t Be a Dem Primary Without a Filing Controversy
  6. A Short Local Nightmare is Over (Judge McCleod Quits)
  7. Executive Interns Aren’t Coffee Go-Fers (Airport Intern BS)
  8. Stace Slate – Explained (2019 Endorsements)
  9. 2019 Elections – November Races
  10. Houston Re-Elects Mayor Sylvester Turner-2019 RunOff Results

Perry No Care Takes Message to Guv in DC

Rick Perry wasn’t expecting to get got at a DC fundraiser for himself. A group of Texans from Perry No Care (aka Texas Organizing Project) took their message to DC to tell Rick Perry to support Medicaid Expansion. Various individuals interrupted Perry’s speech and provided Perry some facts on Texas’ uninsured.

Lately, Rick Perry has continued his stubborn attitude toward the poor and sick in Texas despite Texas having the largest percentage of uninsured in the nation.  And while Republican Governors are changing their minds across the country on expansion, Rick Perry is just plain stubborn, choosing to play politics with lives.

Here’s a link to the video of what occurred at Perry’s DC fundraiser. Perry’s supporters check-writers, overheard throughout the video, sure seem to not care about the poorest in Texas.

Sign Perry No Care’s petition.