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Thoughts on Viernes…06282013

Where Are The Latinos?

Next week, I’ll begin a series of challenges to my fellow Latino males out there. I didn’t see many of them, other than political operatives, saying much to support Wendy Davis and the Women of Texas this past week. Where are you?

Beyond elected officials (and I’m glad to see Ed Gonzalez earned another nod from Planned Parenthood Action Fund) and those others running for office, I expect some of those Latino activists out there to stand up and be counted, too.  Your sisters need you!

Lots of Tears This Week

When the decision to gut the Voting Rights Act came down, it didn’t take long to go from anger to tears. No, not because Republicans get to suppress folks without any supervision, but because I thought about all those who bled and died for the VRA. And for Scalia to declare there is no longer any racism, especially when we continue to hear the anti-Latino rhetoric during the immigration debate, is insulting. We are up for many battles on fixing the VRA.

To watch State Senator Wendy Davis and her fellow Senators take on the Republican majority on SB5 this week, along with watching Texas women and men make their voices heard at the Capitol, brought some tears of hope. Perhaps Rick Perry’s misogynistic attitude toward women evident in his call for another costly special session will cause more people’s uprisings. Perhaps they will be cause to rally around a full ballot for 2014. But there is hope at the moment beyond attempting to defeat SB5.

And when DOMA and Prop. 8 were decided this week, well, let’s just say there were a lot of tears. Along with the excitement that I may get to attend more gay weddings (which are awesome, by the way), I also thought about my late brother Mike Kelley. Although he and his husband longed for Texas to allow same-sex marriages, they also knew there would be plenty of battles along the way. DOMA and Prop. 8 were among those battles and I know Mike is smiling at the moment.

And the tears stopped while it seemed everyone was celebrating a victory in the Senate over immigration reform. I can’t find any reason to smile over the militarization and droning of the border, an extended “path,” and other punitive things that brought over a few votes. What’s even more disturbing is that organizations which at one time stood up against these things are now “OK” with it. And for what? Boehner, fearing an insurrection from his own right-wingers, is using the Hastert Rule to avoid bringing up the Senate bill. And I keep hearing this “end of the year” thing about when something would finally get signed. No, not excited at all.