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Thoughts on Viernes…11162012

Joe Posada Wins Latin Grammy

One of my favorite Tejano music artists to review here on DosCentavos has been Joe Posada. With his band, El Quinto Sol, they have provided some of the best music in the industry for a few decades. The Academy (at least the Latin one) finally gave him some recognition for his 2012 release, Algo Esta Pasando. Of course, Algo Esta Pasando was reviewed here and was one of four of the five nominees reviewed by DC in the Tejano category. Congrats to the Saxmaster!

What’s Coming Up at the Lege?

Well, the Republicans are bringing out their hatchet to cut from Education and Health Care, again. Dumbing down of the future electorate could be the only thing that can keep the Republicans in power, seeing how the Latino electorate is expected to double by 2030. And that’s at current naturalization rates.

San Antonio right-winger Lyle Larson has submitted a bill to do away with the Texas DREAM Act, which allows in-state tuition for undocumented students. Rick Perry is rattling about “sanctuary cities” on top of the piss test for poor people, which he supports.

Unfortunately, folks, this will be another attack session by the Republicans. Jason Stanford had a great piece in the HuffPost about the upcoming session, as well as a challenge to support a Democratic Speaker, instead of backing one of the Republicans. Bottom line:  Republicans keep cutting Dems off, so, simply supporting one to get a nice committee seat no longer applies in 2013. Fight back!

Eagle Ford Shale on the Mind

MYSA.com has an article on the various changes to South Texas with the economic growth with which the Eagle Ford is credited.

Companies, community colleges and local politicians remain in a mode of figuring out what’s needed in terms of employment, training, road repairs, medical facilities and the like as thousands of oil field workers pour into the rural area.

Some of the companies have poured severance tax money into the State, but there has been little return to those counties. And what were once considered poor school districts are now on the verge of being considered wealthy, thus, throwing school financing into a loop. And they fail to mention all of the deaths due to vehicle accidents. And, on top of any environmental damage that is being created. Let’s hope the Lege does something.