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SEIU Endorses Mayor Annise Parker

My favorite union, the Service Employees International Union (SEIU) has endorsed Houston Mayor Annise Parker for re-election. SEIU’s membership consists of service workers, such as janitors, housekeepers, and food service workers, and is one of the fastest growing unions in America. This is a valuable endorsement for the Mayor because SEIU is known for getting out the vote, especially the Latino and African American vote.

“We are one of the most diverse cities in the nation and that makes us stronger. Mayor Parker understands this, that’s why she’s fought to build a city economy that works for everyone. When my fellow janitors and I went on strike last summer, her leadership helped bring about a resolution that is helping to build a path out poverty for thousands of Houston’s families, including my own,” said Houston janitor and SEIU Texas member Yesenia Romero.

In her first two terms, Mayor Parker advanced her mission to make Houston a great place to raise a family by supporting janitors’ efforts to raise wages, creating fair standards for employees who provide city services and holding irresponsible businesses accountable.

“I am proud to stand with Houston’s janitors, housekeeping and food service workers as we join together to make our city a better place to live for all Houstonians,” said Mayor Parker. “Working families helped lift Houston out of the recession – and together, we’re continuing to build a future for Houston’s children with more good jobs, safer neighborhoods and stronger schools. Thank you, SEIU, for your endorsement and support.”

SEIU joins over a dozen other worker’s unions in supporting Mayor Parker.

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Sylvia Garcia Gets the DC Nod

The expert everyone turns to is thinking something like 15,000 will end up voting. Well, OK, then, that’s what I said, too, at least at the low end. That said, I’ve been asked if DC is endorsing. If my posts, especially early on, didn’t tell you, well, I’m just shocked!

I’m rooting for the candidate who was supportive of Latinos. Engaged. United. Voting. from the get-go. I’m going with the candidate who didn’t always need an elected position to be a voice for the community. I’m urging voters to support the candidate who put Latino issues on a national platform while heading up a national organization. Of course, all of this is above-and-beyond her experience as City Controller and County Commissioner. And I’m supporting the candidate who is right on the issues.

The thing is, it doesn’t take much to get my support. All it takes is a call, usually, and if I really like you, well, heck, I’m quite the softy.

Of course, one of the other candidates was also supportive of LEUV, so Joaquin Martinez gets props, too. If anything, he caught my eye because he took on the establishment. We need more like him, too. An earlier call and I might have gone all rebel, too.

So, there you go. Will there be a run-off? Will the candidate I support deliver a knock-out punch in round-one? All I know is that I’ll be at home at 7pm on Saturday clicking [REFRESH] until the early vote is posted. Good luck to all, though!

Obama Said to Unveil Immigration Plan Soon

The Hill is reporting that President Obama will be announcing some of the framework for his immigration plan prior to the big unveiling at the State of the Union in February.  Obama, Democrats, and Republicans seem to be far away from each other, at times, so talk of “deals” being struck worry the hell out of me. Some of my pro-migrant friends have basically said that it won’t happen given the divide. Others continue pushing the DREAM Act only as a first step. I’ve always supported a system overhaul because it’s needed. Then again, I’m not an immigrant kid who’s gotten “DACAmented” yet her family is swept up in raid.

Garcia Opposes Guns in Classrooms

Well, I was happy to see our Sheriff declare his opposition to gun-carrying teachers at the gun safety forum held last night.

Since the Connecticut shootings, which claimed the lives of 20 schoolchildren and six adults, legislation has been proposed to train Texas schoolteachers to carry concealed handguns in the classroom.

Garcia said he was opposed to the idea, adding that the Harris County Department of Education has come out against arming school staff.

“I support that position,” Garcia said.

Garcia said officers responding to a chaotic shooting scene would have to quickly determine whether the person was an assailant or an armed teacher.

“It makes the job much more difficult,” Garcia said.

Thank you, Sheriff, for being a voice of reason.

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