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Dan Patrick Reaches Latinos in a Bad Way

Well, with all of this talk of GOP Latino outreach, it seems State Senator Dan Patrick has been the most effective at reaching Latinos–in a very bad way. My post has been getting some constant traffic, but now, national sites like HuffPost, are now featuring stories on Patrick’s anti-ethnic studies bill. But that’s just one method Patrick has reached out. Let’s not forget his rant on his own Facebook site where he offers this bit of paternalistic advice:

I wish these same groups would spend their time and energy supporting my education policy for more choice for the hundreds of thousands of minority students who are dropping out of our schools, or graduating with minimum skills.

The Republicans succeeded in getting Latinos’ attention.

The Astrodome – What Do You Think?

There’s been a lot of talk about what to do with the Astrodome– Fix it? Gett rid of it? What? Many of my friends have a nostalgic view of the facility, but 13 years after its last use and it’s just more and more an eyesore. Those who want to keep it may not realize the cost (or many they do?) of a fixing the place, which some say could be just under a billion dollars. Then there’s the parking/plaza folks who tell us anywhere from $30 million to $128 million. The bottom line is that it currently costs taxpayers $2 million per year just to keep it, and we still owe $30 million on it.

I’ve got some pretty strong opinions that would probably make me lose some friends, but then again, I tend to look at the big picture where I’d rather spend a billion dollars on health care or education. One thing is for sure, whatever the decision, there better be a whole lotta transparency in the contracting process. People will be watching.

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