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‘Tis the Season for Buenos Diaz Buñuelos

bunueloI made a trip to Buenos Diaz on Tuesday to get my buñuelo fix.

What’s a buñuelo? Well, the easiest, yet falling short, way of describing it is that it is sort of a thin, deep-fried dough (not a tortilla!) that is then coated with a sugar/cinnamon mix soon after it gets out of the fryer. There are numerous recipes, different styles credited to different Latino nations, but I prefer the Mexican Buñuelo. These treats are very popular during the Christmas/New Year season.

buenosThe one pictured (and the 29 others I purchased today) was team-made by Celia Diaz (aka The Buñuelo Lady) and her son Jose Manuel Diaz (who is a FODC-Friend of DosCentavos) and sold out of their storefront at 6319 Lyons in Denver Harbor. All I can say is that they’re pretty perfect, especially during this holiday season.

stacebunAs one of my college classmates was telling me, it’s easy to find buñuelos that are as thick as flour tortillas, but the best are those that are thin and crispy, yet don’t break apart easily. The Buenos Diaz buñuelos are just like this. And no, I did not eat a bag of them by myself, but it was tempting.

Most will eat them with a mug or two of Abuelita chocolate, some with a more daring taste (me) will eat them with glass of Cab Sauv or Shiraz. The bottom line is that you must eat the Buenos Diaz ones or you’re getting the burnt edge of the tortilla. So, take a drive over to Denver Harbor and get yourself a few bags of buñuelos.

It was great visiting with Jose Manuel and Celia. DosCentavos enjoys supporting small businesses and no matter what corner of the county you live in, the trip will be worth it.

Tell them DosCentavos sent you.

(No buñuelos were broken during the creation of this post, but one was eaten.)