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So, Who’s Running in 2014?

For Governor, it will not be SA’s Mayor Julian Castro, and now, not Senator Wendy Davis.

Texpatriate and Kuff talk a little bit about the names that are out there. Of those mentioned by the two and that I’ve heard of, I must say I like Mike Villarreal the most. Rep. Villarreal has made a name for himself on many issues that I support, whether it be education equity, woman’s right to choose, or other issues with a liberal/progressive bent. But, frankly, given political realities, I don’t usually feel like sacrificing good Mexican American talent.

So, perhaps we should push draft the one mentioned by Kuff–Henry Cisneros? That’s if he’s back in tip-top health, of course.

Here’s my take. The guy has amassed some good wealth post-Clinton-era, so, win or lose, he stands to gain. Sure, we lib-labs complain about millionaires getting elected to office, but hell, I wouldn’t mind hearing Republicans complaining about a Mexican American millionaire-“lib’rul.” And he’d rile up Latino voters, for sure.

Just a thought.

Now, this is just me taking political realities about 2014 into consideration, rather than being a Zombie-Dem cheerleader like I usually am. (Not being really involved in any clubs lately has done that to me.)

Of course, that leaves us with a whole bunch of statewide positions to seek, including the need for a good, strong candidate for Land Commish to beat “Little Brown One.”

There’s no doubt we have some good people on deck, especially folks working hard like State Rep. Trey Martinez-Fischer, long one of my favorites, as well as others like State Reps. Armando Walle, Ana Hernandez Luna, Rafael Anchia, etc. Surely, Dems can build a list of up-and-comers to get some statewide name ID in 2014 for the run-up to bigger victories in 2016, 2018, and beyond.

I’m sure we’ll be having more conversations about this in the near future. For now, we’ve got 2013 City elections! I’m still trying to get excited about those races.

Term Limits Bill: DC is Not a Fan

The Texas Senate approved a term limits bill by a huge margin. 

The Senate advanced the proposed constitutional amendment to the House with a vote of 27-4. If approved by voters, the amendment would apply to governors, lieutenant governors, attorneys general and state agency commissioners. It would not apply to judges or the legislators themselves.

I don’t care if I’m not a fan of Rick Perry-types, I think it is undemocratic to place limits on elected officials. If the voters can’t get rid of them, then the opposing party isn’t doing a good job of educating voters on issues and candidates.

Who says DosCentavos can’t play well with Republicans?

On the other hand, limits on political (and donor-based) appointments isn’t a bad idea. Appointments should go to well-qualified individuals, sure, but not to the highest bidder.

What we need more of is campaign finance reform, but I doubt there would be much support for it. Campaigns seem to be temporary job creators nowadays.

Update:  Kuff and I agree.