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2018 DC Nod: Nile Bailey Copeland for County Treasurer

I met Nile Bailey Copeland, Democrat running for Harris County Treasurer, almost a decade ago when he embarked on his first Democratic campaign for a local district court. I was immediately impressed as he was personable, knowledgeable of the law, and listened intently to Dem activists who are usually the first group one has to convince to earn support. He wasn’t afraid to engage with all voters, while others played the handshake game with VIPs. So, it didn’t take long for he and I to become good friends.

He learned much in his first Democratic campaign in 2010, which readied him to run for the 1st Court of Appeals in 2012, losing by less than 15,000 votes in a 10-county race to a well-funded Republican. While he won Harris County, it was just too tough to win over the other GOP-heavy counties, but he and his counterparts worked hard.

That said, Nile Bailey Copeland has done much work for Democratic causes, whether it was providing legal expertise on election contests, including one in which he helped defeat GOP stalwart Paul Bettencourt; providing legal and ethics advice to candidates; training poll watchers for Borris Miles’ campaign, and even volunteering at the Party office stuffing envelopes and licking stamps. The kind of work that doesn’t earn you awards or accolades.

In 2016, after deciding that he didn’t want to challenge friends running in the Dem Primary, he decided to learn how the other side worked. I asked him how he could run as a Republican if he was to the left of most Joe Lieberman Democrats I knew. The Republicans sure as hell knew his Dem background. Well, he ran anyway. I was reminded that one of our favorite Dems, DA Kim Ogg, once ran as a Republican back in the GOP heyday because she wanted to win, but we Dems don’t want to admit to that, right? Nile just wanted to do it to gain some knowledge. So, I forgave Nile when I found out what he was up to and he ended up learning a lot about how Republican primaries work compared to our own. (Many of us forgave DA Ogg, obviously.) Hell, we all knew the Democrats were going to sweep Harris County in November!

End of Discussion: Copeland earned 38,000 votes in that GOP primary (3rd of 4), which one ought to consider possible crossover vote potential to defeat the GOP incumbent in this race, which his opponents don’t offer.

Beyond his Dem bonafides, he’s a successful private practice attorney, an active realtor, and a successful business owner. He has participated in citizenship assistance forums and has advocated for immigrant communities across the County, even participating in DREAMer support rallies as early as 2010 when I invited him to one–and he showed up. Finally, Copeland has also served the City of Houston as a Municipal Judge appointed by Mayors Annise Parker and Sylvester Turner. He’s built an impressive resume, earning every opportunity and acting on it, by being the grown-up in the room. Which is what we need in government more than ever.

So, Nile Bailey Copeland is running for Harris County Treasurer with the hopes of unseating an entrenched Republican incumbent who has failed to achieve anything for voters. He’s pledged to make the office a relevant one that takes its responsibilities seriously, while proposing the office become more educative to constituents regarding how county government works. As an attorney and professional, he has built relationships, rather than political opportunities. Along the way, he’s earned the endorsements of former Sheriff Adrian Garcia, Texas Senator Borris Miles,  the Communication Workers of America Local 6222, attorney J. Goodwille Pierre, among other local leaders.

So, endorsing my friend has been a no-brainer. He’s the candidate who can defeat the Republican in November. And he will serve Harris County well.

2014 Democrats: David Rosen Begins Campaign for Harris County Treasurer

Around six weeks ago, I was honored to get a call from my friend David Rosen. Actually, speaking to him is usually an honor because he usually has something good to say, and this time, it was about his decision to seek the Democratic nomination for County Treasurer. What made me more excited is that he started early (again) making the phone calls, gathering the signatures, and putting in the legwork. By the end of the phone call, I was energized for 2014.

I won’t lie, I support Rosen. I supported him in 2012 when he ran for the Dem nod for HCDE Trustee, too. David is one of those young leaders who is impressive and can provide a good dose of energy to the local portion of the 2014 ballot. We need it from top-to-bottom of the ballot (hint-hint: Wendy Davis!) . And David will represent the Blue team well. (Read latest on Wendy Davis).

Here’s something David sent out today:

Six weeks ago, I filed the first round of paperwork required to run for the Democratic Party’s nomination for the office of Harris County Treasurer. If successful, I’ll become the youngest countywide elected Democrat we’ve had here in more than 40 years.

I’m honored to begin this campaign with the support of Billy Briscoe, our party’s 2010 nominee for County Treasurer. My friend Jamaal Smith, the former executive director of the Harris County Democratic Party and himself once a young candidate, has agreed to serve as my campaign treasurer.

The Democratic Primary is scheduled for March 2, 2014, and the general election will be in November of next year. Until then, we’ve got about 14 months to get to know each other better.

I’m going to be running on a platform that reflects the values of my generation — open government, new technology, and respect and tolerance for all groups of people. You can read more on my campaign website about my background, the Treasurer’s office and my stances on the issues.

I’m flattered to begin this campaign with the support of a dozen current and former Democratic elected officials and more than 50 current and former Democratic party precinct chairs from around Harris County.

Last month, I started appearing at local Democratic club events, and my family and I are working to gather the 500 signatures to qualify for the ballot.

In this early stage, here’s what you could do to help:

Go David Go!

More to come!