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I Know We Are Happy, But…

Kuff tells us about the indictment of the local right-wing purveyor of hormone and “Low-T” shots whose involvement in the vehicular assault and illegal detention in the name of voter fraud by a former cop he hired now has him indicted for the same crime.

From the Chron:

Through a group called Liberty Center for God and Country, Hotze funded a private investigation into a conspiracy theory that Democrats had collected hundreds of thousands of fraudulent ballots, prosecutors have alleged. The group paid (Mark) Aguirre, a disgraced former Houston police captain, $266,400 to investigate the claims.


The vast majority of the money from Hotze’s group, $211,400, arrived to Aguirre one day after the alleged assault, previous grand jury subpoenas showed.

Needless to say, a lot of folks are happy to see one of the wealthiest and whiniest republinuts in town in trouble for something after bankrolling all sorts anti-Dem, anti-LGBTQ+, anti-COVID Vax, and anti-anything progressive campaigns and conspiracy theories.

The problem is when you have a local DA who’s in the news for using her office for political purposes whether against the County Judge or a local District Judge, well, cases in which gun violence and politics mix are sure to get tainted, or questioned before the public square.

Still, I’m sure all sorts of folks, including republicans who want some sort of “normal” right-winger behavior, will be watching this story intently.

Thoughts on Viernes…12212012

We’re Still Here!

Well, we’re still alive. Unfortunately for Republicans, that means at least 520 more years of Latino population growth.

Congrats to the Prez

President Obama was named Time’s Person of the Year. He is credited for basically bringing people together, but Time’s chief goes as far as saying he’s the “architect of this new America.” Well,  I wouldn’t go that far. Let’s face it, if any persons brought people together to form this “new America” I would credit the Republicans and their divisive rhetoric and political tactics. What this “new America” did send to Obama and Democrats (and the divisive Republicans) was a message:  Get the job done! And once it’s done, then by all means, name the Prez the POY for 2016.

Hotze Under the Collar

And under our skin as voters, apparently, as pro-urban-deterioration advocate Bruce Hotze has filed a frivolous lawsuit against the City of Houston over the bonds the vast majority of voters approved. Some folks just enjoy wasting time and taxpayer dollars, I guess.

Kerry as the SOS?

Let’s be bold! I’d prefer Dennis Kucinich!