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Stace and Rey Are Back!

Houston Politics with Stace and Rey is back! What is that? It’s a podcast featuring myself and local smart guy and activist, Dr. Rey Guerra. We had a few shows toward the end of 2013, but after I fought off a bad case of laryngitis, we are back and ready to talk…a lot!

So, to get back into practice, we recorded this episode last Thursday.

We cover the latest on immigration reform, the City Council election, and Wendy Davis and the Democrats. I also mention how Lt. Governor candidates are making immigration the issue on which to attack Latinos, and Kuff provides some proof today, so, it is fitting that we talked about this.

If you need to copy and paste, here’s the URL:


The plan is to bring in a VIP on our next episode to discuss Women’s Health, the Affordable Care Act, and probably more on the sexist nature of the Greg Abbott campaign toward Wendy Davis and all women. Stay tuned!


Introducing…Houston Politics–The Podcast Series

A new thing being done by the DC will be this new venture into podcasting. My colleague, friend, and 3rd Centavo contributor Dr. Rey Guerra and I decided to give it a try by talking into my trusty ZOOM H1 Handy Recorder this past weekend.

Along with a little analysis on Senate Bill 744–the immigration bill, we also touch a bit on a few of the City of Houston races. Give it a listen (click that link).

There’s a lot more tweaking to be done in the future, and we may not have covered everything, but when two guys who like to talk a lot are trying to keep things to 30 minutes, well, it can be pretty challenging.

I think my friend Nancy Sims’ post on the Mayoral campaign goes well with what we’re saying, too.