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La Santa Cecilia’s Quierto Verte Feliz is Unleashed

Grammy-winning La Santa Cecilia has been slowly releasing singles from their now unleashed album for a while. And those tunes have definitely kept us happy, with cumbias like Ella Me Enamoro, Estrellita, and the Lila Downs-assisted title track. And although they’ve thrown in a couple of sweet and heavy ballads, this is definitely a cumbia album.

Another big hit will be the huanpanguito collabed with salsero Luis Enrique, Solo En Mis Sueños. That dude still has an amazing voice and complements LSC’s La Marisoul quite well.

Like many of us, La Santa Cecilia has gone through the pandemic as well as they could, and like many of us, they have been quite creative. For the band, though, it was the personal tragedies of a few of the members losing parents over the last couple of years that helped them create Siempre Estoy Pensando En Ti. The ballad, with beautiful vocals, string arrangements, and a soulful guitar solo really brings the message home of missing a loved a one.

Always sending a variety of messages, LSC gives us the powerful, Hierba Mala, which serves as a reminder to avoid the bad seeds out there that grow into hierba (weeds) in our lives, thus affecting, well, everything. The song shifts from cumbia to strings and back to cumbia with ease. On the other side of that feeling is the haunting slow cumbia, Cumbia de la Soledad, which sends a message of wanting one who left.

The ballad, Luz, has painful lyrics and soaring guitar and requinto, but it is the emotional output of La Marisoul that brings out ones emotions, as well. Sort of like she did with her rendition of Amor Eterno on previous album.

La Santa Cecilia’s eight-track album is fire! As I told them yesterday in a chat, it’s on heavy rotation in my car while driving Houston traffic. To find out that its band members (Marisoul, Pepe, Alex, and Oso) wrote and arranged the entire album is no surprise as not only do they create good music, but they reproduce it live to perfection. And they will be in a town or city near you soon.

You can purchase it on various online venues, and it is available on YouTube and Spotify, too. Get it. You will not be disappointed.