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Thoughts on Viernes – 12152017

Trekking Into Political Stuff

I attended a couple of events this week in which I caught up with some old political friends and made new ones. First, there was the Latino Texas PAC, one of the newer local groups whose goal is to put more Latinos (and those who support issues that benefit/affect Latinos) in office. They had a busy year getting involved in the Pasadena elections which had a tough outcome. But one constant movement was their support of Holly Flynn Vilaseca’s appointment and sweeping election into the Houston ISD Board of Trustees.

Several candidates caught my eyes and ears, especially Penny Shaw who is running for Harris County Commissioner Pct. 4. Energetic, intelligent, issues-saavy, and shaking every hand, Penny will give the GOP incumbent a run for his money, of which he’ll have plenty. I also ran into long-time friend and family lawyer Kathleen Vossler, running for Judge of the 309th District Court. She’s a natural on the campaign trail. Also there working the room was Harold Landreneau running for Judge of Criminal Court #2. He remains one of the hardest-working candidates. And let’s not forget Rabeea Collier, in the running for Judge of the 113th Civil District Court.

I got a surprise invite yesterday to attend the AFL/CIO’s pre-CEC reception at the IBEW Hall, co-hosted by the Plumbers Union and other fine working folks. It was great seeing Labor Assembly President Ginny Stogner McDavid, ED Hany Khalil, and Harris Health Trustee and Labor Leader Linda Morales.

Along with Shaw and Vossler, also working the room was Fred Cook, candidate for Judge of the 189th District Court whom I supported in his 2008 run. He’s back on the trail and ready to serve. Nile Copeland, who’s running for County Treasurer also visited the labor folks, as did CD-7 candidate James Cargas and Natalia Oakes running for Judge of the 313th Juvenile District Court. There were plenty more who are in the running who then headed up to the CEC meeting to introduce themselves to the precinct chairs–the heart of the Democratic Party, but I didn’t get a chance to talk with them.  The Dems are fired up and even this sometimes jaded Dem left a little excited, especially after Congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee’s fiery speech. and after doing the chisme circuit with a few friends and family.

Dems still love their retail politics, so, you candidates make sure you shake all the hands you can. I’m of the opinion that relationships with voters are a helluveaa lot more valuable than all the money people are salivating over, lately.

Here are few pics, and have a good weekend!

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Kudos to Denton County!

Congrats to my dear friend and Denton County Democratic Chair Phylis Wolper and her crew for filling the ballot with great Democrats to challenge the other side in November. If you don’t run, you don’t win and Denton County is a great example of running to win.




The Harris County Dem Primary Is Quite Contested

If you’d like to check out the list of races in your county, you can visit here and then pick the county of your choice. The final updated version may not come for a day or so, I’m thinking.

The Harris County Dem Primary has shaped up to be a contested one for some of the countywide races. For District Clerk, Marilyn Burgess has been working the various Democratic clubs around the county for most of the year. She has ended up with three opponents. You can find them on the list on your own.

For County Clerk, Diane Trautman announced her intention to run over a year ago and has been working hard getting reacquainted with voters. A known commodity on the Dem side of things, Diane has served on the Harris County Department of Education Board for a full term. She now has two other opponents.

Many of us had been wondering who was going to take on the current Republican County Treasurer. I’m happy to see that my friend (more like a brother) Judge Nile Bailey Copeland, a Houston municipal judge appointed and re-appointed by Democratic mayorshas signed up to run. He’ll have a couple of opponents. Nile has been on the Democratic side of the ballot a couple of times for judicial posts, and he’s given his time on issues and questions of election law and voter access that have benefited Democrats and democracy, in general. And he’s always a great person with whom to have coffee on any given day of the week. I look forward to following his campaign.

I’ll keep scanning the contested races to see which direction I’m heading.