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Did You Know We Had Elections?

Yes, but most of us couldn’t vote in them. Even here in Houston.

Houston Dems were definitely engaged in trying to get the vote out in very Republican Houston City Council District G for Piper Madland. Unfortunately, she earned just under 30% against recent GOP loser for DA Mary Nan Huffman, who got just under 54% running against four opponents. Since my district is just across Westheimer from District G, I did drive by plenty of signs and polling locations with lots of signs. It was a good try for Dems in what is one of those hard-to-win districts in Houston.

In Austin, immigration attorney Jose “Chito” Vela bested six other opponents in his race for Austin City Council District 4 in a special election to replace Greg Casar who resigned to run for Congress-TX35 in the Primary. Vela earned around 60% of the 3600+ voters who showed up with a nod from Casar and Labor, not to mention a healthy bank account. Kudos to my FB friend Monica Guzman for giving it a good run and coming in 2nd. Vela will serve his constituents well.

The endorsement contests for the Harris County Democratic Primary are going full force if anyone is paying attention. The clubs sure are! If you want to keep track of the endorsements and/or who is running for what in the Dem Primary, check out Erik Manning’s spreadsheet. It really is the best source of info out there.

Don’t know if I’ll do my usual “Stace Slate” of endorsements. If I do, just remember, no money was exchanged for said endorsements and no memberships were required to be purchased. It’s just one Chicano voter (with the help of his hermanas) deciding for whom to vote. If you can’t trust 3 Chican@s whom have voted in every Democratic Primary since they were each 18, who can you trust?