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Post #5000 ~ Some Thoughts

Well, the 2013 election is finally over and I’m proud to say that DosCentavos.net went 6-0, as far as picks go. Congrats to Robert Gallegos, Dwight Boykins, David Robinson, Zeph Capo, Adriana Tamez, and Robert Glaser who had some big wins against well-funded opponents.

There’s some concern about dealing with Kubosh (my at-large 3 “leave it blank” campaign garnered 6.5%, but there was even more undervotes in at-large 2!). Mayor Annise Parker is a grown-up and an effective negotiator. If everyone else plays the grown-up, then things should go smoothly. And if one is a first-termer on council, they should get to work and not “wait their turn.” The people deserve the best representation. Because as close as some of these races were, or,  as notorious as some of the member-elects may be, people will be deciding if one should be re-elected in 2015. (Texpatriate has more on this.)

There is also some concern about the lack of women on the horseshoe, and I agree with every concern. Heck, there are only two Latinos on the council, as always. But much like I don’t support just any Latino because they have brown skin (Morales), the same is probably true for other folks of other demographic groups, as was evident this year. People need to be judged on the issues, and I hope that most of the 4% who voted decided in this manner, rather than just for the mere demographic numbers game we seem to get caught up on. The real test is when someone who isn’t a woman, or black, or Latino, or Asian, or LGBT, or disabled, defends and represents whatever aforementioned demographic, or at the very least listens to those constituents. And that goes for conservatives, moderates, and liberals on the council.

The more important thing to come out of this local election is that the payday lending lobby/pacs took it in the teeth on Saturday as those they funded lost. So, where do the lame ducks stand now? Will they go with the will of the people? Or will they stand by their check-writers? If we’re going to be asking questions about City Council, then let us begin with a pending issue–because the last meeting of the City Council is this week.

On the 5,000

For those that have been reading for the last almost-nine years, and have looked at at least one of my posts, thank you. Blogging is fun, especially if you don’t take yourself so damn seriously. But I will admit, the occasional “you’re awesome,” feels good, too.

Thanks to those who have contributed, as I cannot take credit for all of the posts. But the blog sure can, and I’m glad I helped make you famous. Thank you to the organizations who have invited me to speak. Above all, thanks to those of you who have become great friends during these last nine years, whether one is a politician/officeholder, or a reader who is genuinely appreciative of a good friend (me).

Now, the  bad news. I’ll be getting caught up in politics during the first third of the year, so, my blogging may not be as plentiful. If you’re a fellow lib-lab who wants to submit something, by all means, do. I do plan on doing more Podcasting with my entertainment political commentary partner, Dr. Rey Guerra and others.

I’m no Marxist, but they’re good people. – Pope Pancho

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