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Garcia to Perry: Call This Election

Sylvia Garcia, the former county commish running for Texas Senate District-6 has asked Gov. Rick Perry to call a special election as soon as possible. Perry has yet to respond or say anything about SD-6, so, Sylvia Garcia is engaging the people of Senate District 6 by asking them to sign a petition to show Perry that the people want a State Senator sooner and not at his political leisure.

“The legislature will start on January 8th and Senate District 6 needs a strong voice in Austin to restore public education funding and fight for healthcare for our seniors and our children. Unless Governor Perry calls the election right away we could be without a state senator in Austin for two months after the session has started,” said Garcia.

Representative Jessica Farrar pointed out that the 7 state representatives that are in Senate District 6 are left with out a leader in the Senate to work with on bringing their legislative issues forward from the house. “We need a Senator on January 8th, I am asking all of my constituents to sign, please go to Sylvia Garcia’s website and sign the petition,” said Farrar.

Garcia continues to campaign and the endorsements continue to roll-in, including influential neighborhood organizing group, Texas Organizing Project. Hundreds attended the grand opening of her campaign HQ on Saturday, and already over 100 have signed the petition demanding the Governor call a special election.

The energy is definitely out there. The people want an election and they deserve it. Like any political office, it belongs to the people.

Garcia Earns Labor Nod in SD-6

Sylvia Garcia, candidate in the still-not-yet-called-by-Gov. Perry SD-6 Special Election has earned a couple of key organizational endorsements–AFL-CIO and Area 5 Democrats.

“Sylvia Garcia has been a strong supporter of working families’ issues from her days with the City of Houston to Commissioners Court.  She has the experience and knowledge to represent the people of District 6 and will address critical needs like education and healthcare.  Sylvia will be an outstanding Senator for the State of Texas,” said Richard Shaw, Harris County AFL-CIO Secretary-Treasurer.

Area 5 Dems are a good group of activists and volunteers in SE Harris County who put boots on the ground for campaigns. The Labor nod comes with a lot of influence. I would put both of these in the “major” category, as endorsements go.

Perry needs to get on the ball and call a special election. He didn’t waste time naming cronies to a couple of empty posts recently. Is he thinking that the people of SD6 lacking a vote during the legislative session is not an emergency?