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Senator Garcia’s Recs; Final Filing Day; A Statewide Dem

Sylvia’s Choices

Senator Sylvia Garcia (SD6) issued her run-off recommendations today. They’re not too different from mine, although I stayed out of District A.

The Senator recommends:

District A – Brenda Stardig

District D – Dwight Boykins

District I – Robert Gallegos

HCC-1 – Zeph Capo

HCC-3 – Adriana Tamez

Of course, mine can be found here. There have been plenty of opportunities for debate regarding my recommendation to leave At-Large 3 blank, but, why fight? There are a lot of strong opinions, but a lot of my friends seem to be leaving it blank. A ver que pasa.

 Final Filing Day Surprises

Will there be surprises? Already, there’s one from Austin in which Judge Larry Meyers of the Court of Criminal Appeals switched to the Blue side, stating he couldn’t be a member of the right-wing party anymore. Word is his seat isn’t up until 2016, so, he can run in 2014 for Texas Supreme Court–and he’s filed. So, not only do we have our first Democratic statewide officeholder since 1998, we have another Dem candidate for the Supremes. I’ll take this “win.”

Here in Harris County, word is we’re in for a few contested primaries, and a few empty positions which will give the GOP an easy win. I’ll have some thoughts on this later, but for now, I’m eagerly waiting for the final list.

Texpatriate has more on Meyers.

Garcia to Abbott: Clarify Your Stance On Texas DREAM Act

One of my favorite State Senators, Sylvia Garcia of SD6, challenged gubernatorial candidate Greg Abbott today on his stance on the Texas DREAM Act. The law allows children of immigrants who meet certain residency requirements to go to Texas colleges and universities at the In-State tuition rate.

In anticipation of Greg Abbott’s campaign stop in Houston tomorrow, State Senator Sylvia Garcia asked Greg Abbott to clarify his positions on the Texas DREAM Act. When first pressed on the issue of the Texas DREAM Act, Greg Abbott said he did not have time to answer the question. Abbott later said the law was “flawed,” “needed to be reformed” and that it should be “fixed.”

“Greg Abbott can’t have it both ways. The Texas DREAM Act has allowed many kids in our communities to become the first in their family to go to college,” said Texas State Senator Sylvia Garcia. “I’m astounded that a candidate for Governor would campaign on the fact that he’s trying to decrease opportunities for young Texans. He can’t use our community just for photo-ops.”

When Abbott campaigned in San Antonio last week, U.S. Congressman Joaquin Castro asked for clarification as well. “The Texas DREAM Act has allowed thousands of students to contribute to our community and state,” said Congressman Joaquin Castro. “Greg Abbott’s reckless proposals to undercut educational opportunities for Texas students would take our state backwards.”

Abbott is trying to be as right as possible while trying to be friendly to Latinos, which never works. He’s trying to “fix” something that isn’t broken, that works fairly well, and that expands opportunities, rather than decrease them (as Abbott seems to enjoy doing on a whole list of issues).

I remember the good ol’ days when right-winger Rick Perry signed the law, no questions asked. How did this law suddenly become a piñata for Republicans?

Kudos to the Senator!