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Whole Foods Says “Oops!”, Changes Policy

I’m still trying to figure out this policy change. At first, workers were told not to speak Spanish to each other or to customers, and now…

Under the new policy released Friday, employees who speak English and need to communicate with an English-speaking customer are asked to “please speak with them in English, unless requested otherwise by the customer.”

Huh? Because we all walk up to random white people and speak Spanish to them? Hell, bigots whine and moan about peoples’ accents most of the time, too, so, they are damned if you do, damned if you don’t!

Still, it seems the original reason is the same one I’ve heard most of my career–where a co-worker complains about someone speaking Spanish, therefore, they must be talking about him/her, because this…

The policy also asks employees to “make sure you are sensitive to others who may want to join your conversation or ask you a question. If needed, switch to a common language to be inclusive and respectful” when speaking other languages on the job.

It appears they still don’t get it. How about a rule that states, “If you think a Spanish-speaking co-worker is talking about you, get over it, you’re probably not that important to them. Stop listening to other conversations and get back to work!”

Just sayin’.

Of course, if you look at the comments section of the Chron article, it seems the local bigots are not going to Whole Foods anymore because of this rule change. Here’s one.


7:08 PM on June 14, 2013

I’ll be boycotting Whole Foods from now on. Nothing I hate more than being in a store and hearing employees speaking Spanish…same for the loud speaker announcements in Spanish. Last time I checked, this was America…not Mexico. Learn English, or get the hell out!

These are the same folks that begin a conversation with, “I’m not a racist, but…”

Rubio Will Deliver Response to the 29%

The media is making a lot of pedo about Marco Rubio delivering the right-wing response to President Obama’s State of the Union. Oh, but the media goes crazy over Rubio’s Español response.

If all he intends to do is read a direct translation of the English version, then, all he’s doing is talking to the 29% of Latinos who voted for the Republicans in 2012. And chances are that is exactly what will happen given his lack of support for a path to citizenship without the enforcement trigger.

No, instead of a legislative speech, chances are that in  his Español speech he will deliver the same old right-wing talking points, “Latinos are just like the Republicans” and “Latinos are conservative.”

Yeah, tell that to the 71% who voted for President Obama. When it comes to most, if not all, issues (education, jobs/economy, health care, immigration), Latinos side with Democrats. On the hottest–abortion and marriage equality–Latinos are on the progressive side of 50/50, and that’s getting better, too.

Frankly, he has another option of telling some truths about Republicans and their racist vitriol on immigration in Spanish. Or how Republicans want to put our abuelitos and abuelitas on the street by threatening Social Security and Medicare and other benefits they have invested in as taxpayers. But does he have the cojones? Of course, without supporting policies that Latinos support, Rubio is left serving as what we all know he is for the Republicans–window dressing, lipstick on an elephant, etc.

No, Latinos will not be fooled.

Not that President Obama is doing a great job of keeping us happy. It seems he is putting more political capital into the gun debate than into CIR, and he is continuing his deportation scheme, thus, separating families and wasting local law enforcement resources. Still, Rubio and his ilk will only say something like, “Obama didn’t do anything in his first term.” And Rubio will conveniently leave out that 100% of Republicans voted against the DREAM Act in 2010.

Ultimately, Latinos will side with the ones that are barely hanging on and giving the image that they are doing something, and in this case, it is not Marco Rubio and the GOP. It won’t matter what Rubio says.

I’m looking forward to the talking heads this weekend to see how they over-analyze Marco Rubio and the Latino Republican effort. I bet they leave out facts and issues and instead promote the window dressing that votes against Latino interests.