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Steve Brown Announces for Railroad Commissioner

Steve Brown, the former Chair of the Fort Bend Democratic Party, has made it official, announcing he will be a candidate in the Democratic Primary for Texas Railroad Commissioner. Don’t be fooled by the name, the job is hardly about trains, but about the development of energy resources, ensuring safe delivery of those resources, and protecting the environment.

Brown stated “It’s important that we do all that we can to continue the abundant growth of our energy industry, as it is the engine of our state’s economy. It’s equally important that this agency has the resources to quickly respond to everyday Texans’ concerns about safety, private property rights, and the environment.  I want this agency to operate as it was intended – to facilitate energy production while also protecting the interests of all Texans and future Texans.”

Brown’s career spans over 15 years of public administration and state budgetary policy experience.  During that time he has worked in the Clinton White House, assisted in crafting several state budgets, and led efforts to advance major state legislation.  “This is one of the few agencies that touch multiple facets of everyday life.  Transportation, the environment, water resources, and workforce capacity are all impacted by the Railroad Commission. I’ll bring a much needed holistic perspective to this agency,” added Brown.

I’m really excited about Steve’s candidacy and I look forward to supporting him in any way that I can.

Created in 1891, the Texas Railroad Commission was one of the first consumer protection agencies in the nation.  At that time Texans sought relief from price manipulation and discriminatory practices of railroad companies. “It’s time we return back to that heritage.  I will use my expertise in crafting state budgets and knowledge of agency administration to ensure that the public has an advocate. And that this agency has the resources to better serve businesses and consumers.”