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Yet Another Report Says Immigrants Are Good

Julian Aguilar at the Trib reports on the latest report (not from the Heritage Foundation, obviously) which states that immigrants are good for the economy, especially in Texas.

Immigrants make up more than 20 percent of the Texas workforce, and the state’s number of naturalized citizens increased by more than 68,000 in 2011 when compared with 2010, according to a compilation of immigration data by the Immigration Policy Center. The purchasing power of Hispanics and Asians in Texas — whether native born or immigrants — increased to $265 billion in 2012, an increase of $55 billion from 2010.

The report also states that some sort of mass deporation program would cost the state billions of dollars. Has anyone told this to President Obama?

“If all unauthorized immigrants were removed from Texas, the state would lose $69.3 billion in economic activity, $30.8 billion in gross state product, and approximately 403,174 jobs, even accounting for adequate market adjustment time,” the study says, citing analysis from the Texas-based Perryman Group.

Of course, Aguilar cites the right-wing, anti-immigrant group FAIR, but they are run by a white supremacist by the name of Tanton. It’s the same type of data that is created by the Heritage Foundation. Honestly, I think Aguilar gave them too much virtual ink considering their fear-laden statements.


The 68,000-person increase in the Texas’ naturalized citizen population means that demographic represents about 33 percent of the state’s immigrants. Naturalized citizens are also becoming more educated, with about 29 percent of the group earning at least a bachelor’s degree by 2011, compared with 15 percent of noncitizens.

This isn’t news. The article event cites the 2006 study completed by the State Comptroller’s office which found that immigrants pumped $18 billion into the economy, and pumped in more revenue into the state of Texas’ coffers than they took out. Aguilar cites the cost to local governments, but what about the net productivity and profit by companies utilizing this labor force?

There’s no doubt bringing people out of the shadows will impact coffers and local economies significantly. If Republicans and their “group-think” tanks cannot come up with better reasons against immigration reform, they should just say they hate immigrants and be done with it. Frankly, the negativity produced by them will not help them in the short- or long-run.