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DC’s Top 10 Posts of 2022

Well, during a year which saw some activity for myself which then died down as family and self took precedence over the news of the day, I’m still impressed that folks visited the site consistently. Thank you! I’ve compiled the Top 10 posts which received the most views and visits. I’m still surprised that some posts from years past still get a lot of visits, but these are ten I wrote in 2022. Here’s hoping you have a good time reminiscing.

Chou Goes Disingenous With Briones Attack

Judge Lesley Briones Announces for Harris Commish

The 2022 Stace Slate – Dem Primary

JP 1-2 Candidate Victor Lombrana Featured on Univision

43rd Annual Festival Chicano Schedue is Out

QEPD: Harold Cook

Isabel Longoria Resigns As Elections Chief

Race For Precinct 4 Is Almost Over, But…

Ben Chou Files for Harris Commish

Texas Trib: One Last Reunion of La Raza Unida Party

QEPD: Ramsey Muniz

Obviously, the race for Precinct 4 Commish received the most attention on the internets. Thankfully, Chou endorsed Briones after the run-off and Briones and Democrats went on to unseat a bigoted, lazy piece of furniture handily. Democrats will hold a 4-1 majority on the Commish Court because County Judge Lina Hidalgo defeated Fascist Mack, his rich buddies, and their candidate.

It’s been a year, though. I’ll be writing something to sum up my thoughts next week. Stay connected!

The Top 10 DC Posts of 2021

Thankfully, readership on DC is not completely dead, so, I guess I better continue writing. 2022 will be the 17th year of DosCentavos.net and with COVID-19 still hanging around, the 2022 Democratic Primary and November election, as well as lots of culture and happenings still to open up, there will be a lot to write about. Maybe a podcast. Maybe other stuff. We shall see. Here are 2021’s Top 10 posts.

  1. Latin Grammy Tejano Noms Are Out
  2. Judge Lesley Briones Announces for Harris Commissioner Pct 4
  3. Ben Chou Files for Harris Commissioner Pct 4
  4. Former State Rep Gina Calanni Enters Race for Pct 4
  5. The Delta Variant is Real
  6. Dan Crenshaw Tried To Register My Late Mom To Vote
  7. The 2021 Alief ISD Bond
  8. Early Voting Has Begun
  9. QEPD – Gregg Barrios
  10. Biden Kiddie Jail Opens in South Texas

Looks like local politics was the big winner this year. Thanks to all who still visit, to my friends/referrers, to those who take a few seconds to share a post in their social media and not just “like” it. Have a Good 2022!

DCs Top 10 of 2020

Thanks to all who still visit DosCentavos.net. It’s been a year, that’s for sure. And for DCs 15th year, it’s actually been a good one. So, let’s keep it going to see where we end up as we head into the vaccination part of the COVID-19 season. Here are the Top 10 visited posts of 2020:

  1. COVID-19 in a South Texas Town
  2. The Pandemic Poetry Project
  3. Fired HC Deputy Chauna Thompson Up For Post in Somerville
  4. Just Another Kill for the LE Trophy Case (George Floyd)
  5. DC’s Primary Picks (and Run-Off)
  6. Tortilla-Making in the Time of COVID
  7. Latinos and COVID-19
  8. Varon: A COVID-19 Treatment That Must Be Approved
  9. The Ghost of HD142
  10. DC Reviews: The Mavericks – En Español

Honorable Mention: My COVID-19 Early Voting Experience

Top 10 Posts of 2017

This had to be my most un-busy year in the last 12 years of blogging about local/state politics, culture, etc. By the end of 2017, I’ll be lucky to have written up to 75 posts for the year, with December being my busiest–on which I blame the 2018 Dem Primary.

The good thing is that these Top 10 of the year earned me thousands of views, lots of social media shares, a few complaints, lots of cool compliments (thanks, Campos!), and even a couple of threats (bodily injury and being reported to INS). Annoyances include friends who didn’t bother to share my posts, but are sharing obviously fake posts from sites with non-Spanish names. But that’s nothing new. Obviously, blogging can still be fun, although, my reasons for being un-busy are plentiful. I won’t bother explaining that, but I will continue to be a thorn in the side of candidates who are too willing to sell out entire constituencies in their quest to earn unattainable votes.

2018 will be my 13th year writing up stuff. Yes, DosCentavos will be a teenager. Perhaps a “treceañera” is in order so I can score some free drinks. Maybe a fajita taco? (I miss the good ol’ days when candidates offered up steak dinners.). In 2018, I expect to be busier and, as always, not fair and balanced.

Thanks to all who read, share, etc. Thanks to partners like Tejano Nation and local and national issues groups who share information, and to some of my favorite politicians and officeholders (you know who you are). Gracias!

“First they laugh, then they copy.”

  1. SB4 Passes Texas Senate Committee
  2. 38th Annual Festival Chicano
  3. It’s Election Season 2017 (Alief)
  4. DC Reviews:  Joe Posada – Zapatos En La Mano
  5. Houston Texas House Members Send SB4 Letter to Houston Council
  6. Houston Texas Senators Send SB4 Letter to Harris County
  7. La Fiebre Rocks Proof Rooftop
  8. Sheriff Gonzalez Ends 287(g)
  9. Democratic Reaction to SB4 Passage
  10. DC Reviews:  The Mavericks – Brand New Day

DosCentavos’ Top 10 Posts of 2016

It wasn’t a very productive year at DosCentavos.net. In fact, it’s been quite a bad year production-wise. Still, thanks to all my readers for keeping traffic steady despite a lack of content. We’ll still be around in 2017. We need to be.

Here are my Top 10 Posts of 2016 which earned good traffic from you all.

  1. 24 Hours in Cristal
  2. Juliet Stipeche Joins Turner Administration
  3. The Annoyance That Is Democratic Pragmatism
  4. Rest In Peace – Emilio Navaira
  5. Democrats Sweep Harris County
  6. Rest in Peace – Florencia (Flora) Medellin
  7. DC Reviews – Intocable ~ Highway
  8. DC Book Review – Johnny Hernandez ~ The Cottonpicker: An Odyssey
  9. Los Texmaniacs Conquer The Heights Theater
  10. Safety Pins, Obama, and Immigration Realities

Thoughts on Viernes (Last One of 2013)

Top 10 Posts

My Top 10 of 2013’s most read posts turned out to be a mix of politics and culture, which goes to show I need to keep this formula. Here’s the list.

  1. Joaquin Martinez Announces for Senate District 6
  2. SB5 Is Now HB2 and SB9 [Special Session 2]
  3. RNC Ban Stiffs Latino Viewers, Too
  4. Mayor Parker Honors Five With Hispanic Heritage Award
  5. COH Money Reports – City Council (2013 Campaign)
  6. Another Choice in District D – Christina Sanders
  7. DC Reviews: David Lee Garza Presents… ~ Just Friends
  8. DC Reviews ~ Los Palominos – Siente El Amor
  9. DC Reviews ~ Intocable – En Peligro De Extincion
  10. Dan Patrick Targets Ethnic History Courses

Honorable Mention goes to my post on the 2014 Primaries/Line-Up, as well as to Dr. Rey Guerra’s 3rd Centavo Series on the realities of S.744 (here and here and here). Overall, I think I have some pretty eclectic readers; plus, for those who insist that Tejano music is dying, there are a lot of folks searching for Tejano music news and reviews. What’s up in 2014? As I always, I think it’ll be a work in progress. So, stay connected to see what’s next.

Favorite Videos of 2013

The Mavericks – Born To Be Blue

Intocable – Nos Falto Hablar

This one pokes fun at all the music, dance and crowd crazes. Give it a look-see.



DCs Top Posts of 2012

Music Reviews – Top 3

The Mavericks – Suited Up and Ready

Los Texmaniacs – Texas Towns and Tex-Mex Sounds

Johnny Hernandez – Gracias…Por Los Exitos!

Political Posts – Top 10

Did Ann Just Lose The Other 30% of Latinos? (Romney Mouth)

Dude, This Election Makes No Sense (Post-Primary)

Tacos and Votes – To Protect the Vote (Latino Vote)

Endorsement:  Vote FOR the City of Houston Bonds

RIP – Texas Senator Mario V. Gallegos

Helena is Doing What and With Whom? (City Council)

Tacos and Votes ~ All About Engaging the Community

Fort Bend Dems Open HQ

Finally, Let’s Move Toward November (Post-Primary)

Dos Centavos Endorses in Dem Primary (Post Primary)

Top 3 Posts w/ Staying Power (Pre-2012)

Celebrating 40 Years of La Raza Unida Party (by Carlos Munoz)

DC Reviews ~ Intocable – 2011

2010 Profiles ~ Kathy Cheng for the 209th Court

Top 5 Cultura and Community Posts

Tejano Music Awards Fanfare is Coming

FIEL Announces Deferred Action Assistance Program

RIP – Shaun Chapa

Houston – 33rd Annual Festival Chicano

RIP – Mike Kelley