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Jensen Withdraws From HCDE-7 Primary

Traci Jensen announced today that she has withdrawn her name from the 2014 Democratic Primary ballot in the race for Trustee of the Harris County Department of Education. The final-hour candidacy of outgoing City Councilmember Melissa Noriega is the reason for the withdrawal.

After much thought and discussion I decided to withdraw my name from the ballot for HCDE. It was a tough decision but I felt that for the good of the party it was better to maintain unity than to divide loyalties. My money, resources and talents will be better served working towards public education rather than against a fellow candidate that I believe will do a great job protecting HCDE programs. I know Council Member Noriega will make sure Don Sumner stays retired and that she will serve her 6 years in the interest of public schools across Harris County. Thank you to my supporters who were excited by my candidacy. I will remain working behind the scenes for the children of Texas.

Many of Traci’s early supporters, including myself, were shocked to find out the line-up in the race after filing for office closed. Some had mentioned Noriega as a possible candidate for County Commissioner Pct. 2, which left some interested in the post on a holding pattern thinking any last-minute filing could happen, as usually happens in spots that haven’t been filled. Wow, were many surprised.

Some call a contested primary “democracy in action,” others call it an expense of resources that could be better expended against the Republicans. It’s easy to be “against” them when you have a favorite candidate, and it’s easy to be “for” them when you see an unopposed candidate whom you’d prefer was contested. Oh, well.

Since I haven’t heard anything from the other candidate in the race (Lily Leal), I’ll assume that there is still a race to be had for this position.

Needless to say, it takes a pretty cool, selfless person with not a lot of ego to withdraw from a race for the good of the Party.