Thoughts on Viernes…06072013

The NSA Thing…

Two things that went through my mind on 9/11:  (1) They are going to blame the wrong people and take us to War, and (2) There go our civil rights; it was fun while it lasted. 

Being spied upon is not a good thing, or at least it doesn’t leave you with a warm and toasty feeling. But it’s nothing new. Let’s not be so shocked and self-righteous. Maybe in my old age (yesterday was my birthday) I have decided to think like my parents, who, when they would “invade” my privacy would ask, “Are you hiding anything? Are you doing any thing wrong? Then, don’t worry about it.” Which, to me, seems like the gist of things. Meanwhile, the GOP keeps kickin’ Latinos around with immigration reform…

HCDE (Finally) Makes A Decision

After three weeks of application-taking, interviews, and what seemed like delays, the Harris County Board of Education went with someone who wasn’t even interviewed or anything. Good thing these board members only get $6 per meeting, huh? Of course, that’s much less than the value of time spent by the applicants or by those supporters who sent in letters and made calls. Oh well, “Remember in November 2014?” We shall see. Otherwise, congrats to Mr. Howard Jefferson of the NAACP on the appointment.

Bus Rapid Transit in My Side of Town

I think I like it. I like the idea of a Westpark Transit Center, too.

MUSIC BREAK – Johnny Hernandez ~ Eso Nadie Me Lo Quita

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