Low COVID; High Worries

The sight of Houston OmicRodeo events with tens of thousands of unmasked people was enough to freak me out a little. The news that COVID-19 rates aren’t only jumping in parts of the world, but are actually being seen in some wastewater test sites locally, even as COVID-19 positivity rates decline, is cause for concern.

The New York City and Houston areas and Miami-Dade County also gave conflicting reports of rising or falling coronavirus levels in wastewater, a disparity Bloomberg said was possibly due to small-scale outbreaks that had not grown large enough to be picked up at multiple sites.

Dr. Peter Hotez was on ABC-13 talking about the pandemic’s future and it doesn’t sound good, even with whatever one considers good news right now.

“Right now, the numbers are coming down precipitously and we’re in a very good place. For instance, in Harris County, we’re approaching maybe five new cases per 100,000 residents on a seven-day average, which is a really low level. It’s about as low as it’s ever been in the last few months,” said Hotez. “I think we do have to be aware of the possibility that we could start seeing an upswing again in the number of new cases of COVID. If that happens, it could happen by the end of this month or early into April.”

But with President Biden being forced to accept a spending plan that excluded COVID response measures, such as testing, medication and care for the uninsured, monoclonal antibodies among other items that will be needed when a resurgence or a new variant takes hold, we really need to accept the fact that it is not over. Unfortunately, too many people in government and society, generally, prefer to have their heads up their hind-sides rather than to be prepared for what may come.

Stay masked, stay distanced, and if a 4th shot comes to be, get it.

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